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Kim Wilde - Heaven
United Kingdom, 1995
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Astoria London
Kim Wilde - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
United Kingdom, 2007
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Kim Wilde - Together We Belong
Belgium, 2007
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Stars Of Europe
Kim Wilde - Love Is Holy
United Kingdom, 1992
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Kim Wilde - I Got You Babe
Belgium, 2007
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Stars Of Europe
Kim Wilde - Someday
France, 2007
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Live La Cigale
Kim Wilde - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
United kingdom, 2007
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Britain Sings Christmas
Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark
France, 1984
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Passeport Pour La Forme
Kim Wilde - Baby Obey Me
Germany, 2007
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Ballermann Hits '07

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Kim Wilde, Astoria London, 1995




I can not seem to access the video interviews with Kim, even though I am a member and I have Real Player 10 installed on my computer. Would love to see Kim's interview on Stars in their eyes.”

“"Your last visit was 2011 [something]". Time certainly flies..! :/

I hope all the regulars from the old days are well - I think of you from time to time and all the fun we used to have here! Cheers!”

“Wow I remembered my logging details first time! Not logged in here since 2012! I can't wait to see Kim at Holmfirth this December :-D Think I'll check out some Kim clips on here even though I have most on DVD. Lets hope Kim does a wonderful success next month with the release of the Deluxe verson of Wilde Winter Songbook cd with dvd.”
stephanie kim wildes jennings

“I love kim wildes she is great when or if I watches kids in america and listens to her songs I can relax and my stress goes away. I would want to live the life kim wildes lives.”
wrote about It's Here (Hollymund):

“I love you divine lovely legs.”

“if you prefer join my page on facebook
click here

“can somebody please update this site thanks!!!”

“eerie to see how time flies and something like this website gets old....”
wrote about You Came Acoustic (Zomer):

this should look like a heart not 3 lol.
Great perf of course.”
wrote about You Came Acoustic (Zomer):


“Hello…Bonjour….May day… tuning in tuning out like a radio…. et moi, Lisa. The D grade Kim Wilde wanna be.

Alex dear, I’m not dead. (Oops, probably shouldn’t joke about that considering one of our regular posters actually d…ied). I do check this grave site (no pun on words intended) every few months. Kind of like Kim’s career, not much happens (ouch!)

How wonderful to read you are now editor-in-chief of your magazine. It brought a huge smile to my face when I read that. Your sassy, eloquent, writing style was hilariously entertaining, deep, thought provoking, and sometimes inspiring. I’m sure you have a following. I would pay to read your work!

I can’t believe you’ve interviewed Kim TWICE! Actually I can. You’ve been discussing her for years on the forums; therefore I’m sure you would have been the most qualified person to do the job. Kim must have been pleasantly surprised by some of the questions you asked. I’m sure she’s heard the “same-old, same-old” questions over the years from journalists! Can you share with us what you asked her? I probably would have requested my very own personal sing-a-long with Kim. I have this crazy look on my face imagining it....Just the two of us, belting out Never Trust A Stranger like two long lost best friends………. Okay back to reality now.

Alex, my ego enjoyed being referred to the Parisian fashion quartet! I was nervous, and didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a FABULOUS day…. Meeting on the Champs E-Lisa, and having a great time walking down the streets like those Sex-and-the-City girls! I can honestly say I felt like a princess for the day – all these fine looking men coming out of the wood work (or Virgin Mega Store) bearing gifts and kisses. A wonderful, warm, unforgetable welcome to France. We had a little fashion shoot in the subway, too!

You know what, I think a lot of people hit the big 4-O and freak out thinking “what have I done with my life?, where did it go?, did I make the right choice?, should I have done this?, did I make the right decision doing that?, did I waste my time?”, but I can tell you feel very content with how things turned out and now understand that everything happened for a reason; especially your Alisue-extasy chapter of your life. It’s forgivable, because the internet was so new to us – and you grew from it.
Like you, I have found healthier, creative, productive outlets for my exhibition (don’t worry I’m not a stripper or anything vulgar, although my old avatar looks a bit whorish) which I get paid for! But what exactly it is is a conversation we need to have in private, because I don’t believe in spreading my life over the internet anymore. Some things are just too sacred!

These days, I listen to Kim Wilde’s greatest hits every now- and- then / once-in-a-while kind of thing. To anyone who is still obsessed with Kim Wilde, my unwarranted advice is to face reality. It might be painful, but face it! Living out loud is enjoyable. You don’t want your family to discover you stone cold dead, slumped over the computer with up on the screen. Venture out of your comfort zone, and go and see Kim live in concert! Forgive my black sense of humor!

Love always,
Lisa xoxo


“I wonder if Lisa, Jerzy, Pierre and Gérard, the parisian fashion quartet sometimes come here to check if there is still a life on planet KWTV... So weird being logged here! I never felt so alone on the Internet. But it's not sad! It also feels like home in a way. In a way, KWTV helped becoming who I am today. That AliSuExTasY was part of me, screaming to get out. And he/she went out of my body, sometimes violently, something ridiculously childish, sometimes deep, sometimes superficial, sometimes drunk, sometimes on drug, sometimes in love, sometimes eXtatiK, sometimes low, like the lights down. But! So alive. The Internet allowed me te reconnect myself with the little boy I used to be, fascinated by that pop sensation called Kim Wilde. Introspection is sometimes the best way to move on. In common with AliSuE, I still have that energy, that envy to evolve and get better. Improving myself to become the closest to my goal.

I don't listen to Kim Wilde anymore these days, and I don't know if I'll go back to her music one day. But her voice stays, and the love also. I'll never turn my back on her, she really is part of the process too. That's exactly the reason why it was disturbing to interview her the first time. Because she was so deeply part of me, but she did not know me... There was sort of a gap because of that. But the last time I met her for an interview in Zurich last year, it was such a sweet moment. And I could have listened her talking about her voice for hours. I have dreamed for years for her to come back with talented producers, to enjoy real success again. But it won't happen now. She's had her share of good pop souvenirs, and it's OK now. As long as she's enjoying herself at doing what she does, it's just perfect.

I don't know if you, I mean the people I shared something with here, still listen to her these days. I know she'll be in Paris soon for a unique show, I heard it is sold out? Wow, so cool for her! Hope you have a great time, supporting our Love Blonde!”

“Souvenirs, souvenirs! Is there anybody out there? Is it over? Or has it just begun? Nearly 10 years ago, I got my avatar, the most beautiful I must say. Thank you for that Pierre. So many things have changed in 10 years! Kim Wilde came back to pop, Mike's not with us anymore and I became an editor in chief, yo! Running my magazine, surrounded by creative spirits: that is all I love. And I... became 40 one month ago. I'm not complaining about that! Wow, KWTV... Coming back here, and posting, is like coming back on some beautiful ruins. We have shared so much here, waiting for Kim to sing it out for love again! And it happened. Maybe thanx of Pierre who did that amazing job and community, and all that, yeeeeeeeeeeeeears before Facebook was invented! That's what we all were in the '00s: Kim's WWW community, avant-garde! Now looking back at those years, it seems like a dream, something immaterial, but yet full of emotions. Oh well, if anybody reads that message, I wish you are happy in your life and that you still love music as you did when you were a child.



“I've just read on Wildelife that Select Mike passed away, and I have sorrow.
Who were you really Mike ? I would have like just to sit down by your side, to see you and listen to all you could still learn us, and of course sharing our passion for Kim because for you to be a fan for you was not a competition but a share indeed.Still, I keep on thinking internet was not the best way to communicate, we would have share more if we could hold of you.
I felt like you wanted to say what people needed to hear, and I remember you could calm down my doubts.
You wanted to please people but without they realise you did.You listened.
I remember some of your lyrics talked about God,I have no doubt you went to the place that's the best.”

“I am very sad to hear that Select Mike passed away. He seemed like such a kind, patient, lovely, educated man.

His love for tiny insignificant details sometimes annoyed me. I think I snapped at him once, but he never snapped back. A true English gentleman! He also helped me write an article.

I don't know who he was. If he was young or old; however I hope he went surrounded by love.

RIP Mike



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“Kim wilde has been in Brazil?what year? is there any video?”

“Yes lets hv a reunion!x;-)”

“WTV--Reunion? LOL Lisa Kim keeps all the cloths in the closet? i have to ask that -i m not sure if she'll respond ..but worth the Try.

“Kim Wilde in France
click here

“Heres a song I just did to remember a little baby boy who died recently aged just 24 weeks. 3
click here

Catch U as Catch can.......later.......3
Steve Byrd.”


Années 80 - les années cultes : revivez les années 80 lors d’une soirée unique en Alsace et retrouvez :
- l'orchestre Medley,
- Tribute to BONEY M,
- et en exclusivité KIM WILDE.
Au programme, plus de 6 heures de shows et de lives.....

Informations pratiques : ou click here
- Sous chapiteau (3400 places)
- Ouverture des portes 18h
- Places assises non numérotées
- Restauration sur place
- accès handicapés
- parking

- Fnac : click here 51€
- Par téléphone : 49€



The 80’s – the cult years : Join us and live again the 80’s during an unique show in Alsace with:
- The band Medley
- Tribute to BONEY M
- And Exclusively for you KIM WILDE
More than 6 hours live music just for you

For more information: 0033 3 88 70 08 91 or click here
- The event will take place under a big marquee (3400 places)
- Opening 6 p.m
- Seat not numbered
- Catering
- Access for disabled people
- Car park
- FNAC click here 51 €
- Or by phone: 49 €”

“Shit, it's been months since I've logged in too. Happy 2012 Wildestorm.

James, I've noticed you're quite chatty with Kim on twitter. Can you ask her a couple of questions for me?

1) What does she think of Hydrangers?

2) I once read in an interview that she keeps all her old stage clothes, and outfits from video clips under her barn. Would she consider posting a pic of this room on twitter?”

“Jeeeez, I just logged in here and saw that last vísit was more than 6 months ago. This used to be the most interesting thing on the internet years ago. I've meet a lot of nice people through this page and would love to know what they are all doing now.
The new album "Snapshots" has been giving a lot of attention here in Denmark, and hopefully it will lead to yet another album within a few years. Hope you are all doing well. See you again somethime...maybe ;O) ”

“No question I subscribe to any (un)social network,I love freedom and fresh air too much.So here is a compromise to wish a Happy Birthday to Kim.
I love this romantic song and beautiful voice by Elvis Costello click here

and this same one cos it makes me laugh even if I'm very unwell placed as a real lousy singer
click here more >>

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Kim Wilde, Come Out And Play COME OUT AND PLAY (2010)
order Come Out And Play by Kim Wilde
CD Album
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Kim Wilde, Lights Down Low LIGHTS DOWN LOW (2010)
order Lights Down Low by Kim Wilde
CD Single
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Kim Wilde feat. Ill Inspecta, Baby Obey Me BABY OBEY ME (2007)
CD Maxi
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Kim Wilde, Together We Belong TOGETHER WE BELONG (2007)
CD Single
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Kim Wilde, Perfect Girl PERFECT GIRL (2006)
CD Single
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Kim Wilde, Never Say Never NEVER SAY NEVER (2006)
Limited Edition (CD + Bonus DVD)
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Standard Edition
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Kim Wilde, You Came 2006 YOU CAME 2006 (2006)
CD Single
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Kim Wilde, The Hits Collection THE HITS COLLECTION (2006)
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Kim Wilde, The First Time Gardener THE FIRST-TIME GARDENER (2006)
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Kim Wilde, Gardening With Children GARDENING WITH CHILDREN (2005)
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Fans Remixes

- I Fly (MHP Beat You Up Mix)

Kim Wilde - I Fly

- View From A Bridge (Filipe's Extended Mix)

Kim Wilde - View From A Bridge

- Perfect Girl (MHP's Extended Version)

Kim Wilde - Perfect Girl

- Take Me Tonight (MHP Remix)

Kim Wilde - Take Me Tonight

- Time To Live (MHP Re-edit)

Kim Wilde - Time To Live

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Listen to a new track, music composed by Steve Byrd and lyrics written by your webmaster: Look Alive. Look Alive

You Have To Learn To Live Alone - the virtual duet - is back on Kim Wilde TV.

Thanks to the inestimable, precious help from Steve Byrd and his touch of magic, now listen to a totally new, made from scratch, version. With Steve on guitars, of course!

You Have To Learn To Live Alone - the virtual duet

He's got the brains, he's got the looks. Stefan aka Mystraculpa is doing a cool present to you Wilders by providing this exclusive cover version of the Pet Shop Boys' Opportunities !

Listen to Krasi's euro cover version of You Keep Me Hangin'On!

Read all about Rashid meeting Kim at Wyevale Garden Centre

See Kim Wilde Artwork By Karl

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Kim Wilde in French TV Show Vivement Dimanche, 2006

Watch exclusive pictures taken during/after the recording of the French TV Show "Vivement Dimanche" dedicated to Laurent Voulzy, in which Kim appears as a guest star.

Click on the picture above to access the gallery.

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Listen to three audio tracks recorded at the Tobit After Dark festival:

Chequered Love, View From A Bridge, You Keep Me Hangin'On.

Listen to exclusive concert versions:

Kim Wilde, 2-6-5-8-0 live 1983

2-6-5-8-0 (live Lyon Palais d'Hiver 1983)
House Of Salome (live Pavillon Baltard-Paris 1983)
Who Do You Think You Are? (live Oldenburg 1992)
Say You Really Want Me (live Paris 1987)
Dancing In The Dark (live Pavillon Baltard-Paris 1983)

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Steve Byrd

Steve Byrd - Guest Section

on Jan 25th
Memories of Michael Jackson's Bad Tour!!

Richard Blanshard

Richard Blanshard

Watch Richard
Blanshard 's


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Watch Kim interviewed in Wyevale Park, Syon (April 2005).
Kim Wilde in Wyevale Syon Park

Who's that girl?
Kim Wilde's best friend, Clare

Watch Kim Wilde introducing the Love Moves album back in 1990
Kim Wilde, 1990

Watch Kim's entrance on the ITV show Ant & Dec
Kim Wilde, Ant&Dec, 2005

Watch an exclusive footage from 1982
Kim Wilde, 1982

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Watch Kim Wilde interviewed by Paul O'Grady on 18th November 2004
Kim Wilde, 1984

Well done l'hermine!

Kim Wilde is interviewed about The Second Time videoclip (1984)
Kim Wilde, 1984

Thanks to Big M. II for providing the video ;)

Huw from (back to the 80's) has just published an exclusive interview which he did with Kim Wilde in 1984, on his excellent website.

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