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Kim Wilde - Love Is Holy

(United Kingdom, 1992)

Played: 18739 times
Average rating: 9.69/10

2009-06-20 10:31
Backstreet Joe [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 great live performance ! Bravo Kim !

2008-11-03 12:28
Byrdman [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I actually got paid a lot of money to be with the most beautiful woman in the world. How I miss those days!

2008-09-21 22:01
Backstreet Joe [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Yes Kim looks great and gorgeous !

2008-07-02 22:21
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 Gee, tonydeera, d'ya think the candles&stained church window was done 4 the song cos it had holy in the title? I'd NEVR av thort o'dat u clevr litl disciple u! Otherwise we know the stats: Song, setting, performance, live singing, mood&hair, make-up(4 the girls watching-u'd go MAD if we said nothin') and clothes all get a hugey 10.

2007-11-20 23:21
Mac [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I like this Album LOVE IS very much - it's been one of my favourites. A Great Single Choice and a super Appearance on Wogan Show. Kim looks kinda "holy" too! Memorable Moment!

2007-09-07 08:45
Wildestorm [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Really lovely. I can understand that they recorded "Love is holy" almost in one take, as it seems so natural for Kim to sing it. It is just perfect for Kim to sing.

2007-04-29 09:59
Backstreet Joe [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Simply gorgeous ! Kim at her best and so lovely ! J'adooooore !

2007-04-25 22:32
Filipe [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 hé hé Hi there KWTV people ! Thx Pierre for adding this clip, it's so fun living it again. Great great performance with a kim singing live, and a really good rate : 8/10 (you know as hard as I am ! 10 don't exists for me and 9 for a really huge live vocal and music performance). Sorry Kim, I want you to Forgive Me, for all that ... ;)))

2007-04-25 19:13
Beatka [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 Kim is sexy ,Kim is secret ! Super performance!

2007-04-24 22:02
JR [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Soo Divine and sings very lovely - i am tired of that word "Beautiful" But how can you look and not say it, she is like Moviestar, And you know what is i love about Kim?-that Kim makes believe or will make you believe that "She doesn't know it" Ohh Realy I am? :) -the down to earth attitude of hers is very appealing.

2007-04-24 21:39
Karl [ e-mail] [ website] rated 9/10
  Beautiful song + great perf,one of my fave KW songs! pity Kim didn't sing it in Paris last time..

2007-04-24 19:15
Caro [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 A full of serenity Kim and very feminine. I was doing shopping few weeks ago and waiting for paying,my attention had been attracted by jewels just beside me,there was exactly the same black ring than Kim,only one and at my size,I think it was made for me,I bought it of course.

2007-04-24 15:12
jerzy [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Amazing. Great life performance and what a great message the song has.

2007-04-24 13:51
tonyderarera [ e-mail] rated 9/10
 Wow, she sings this so well live! And shes stunning as always 9/10, not too keen on that church type set though, im guessing its cause of the whole 'holy' thing! Great performance anyway!

2007-04-24 13:47
Pierre (webmaster) [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 you too look great, Steve!

2007-04-24 12:09
Byrdman [ e-mail] rated 9/10
 Cool, doesn't Kim look gorgeus? I never saw this as it was live .

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