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Take Me Tonight

MHP Remix
(Germany, 2005)

Played: 8077 times

2008-09-11 16:45
TJFlirty [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 I absolutely LUV this song & as I only found out a little while a go that, yes, it actually WAS a SINGLE ( which I'm still in shock over by the way) I just wanna say 2 ANY of u who don't agree wot an amazing & atmospheric song this is that ur all DEAF as well as dumb & that's the sort of nonsense I WILL NOT TOLERATE!! Okay?! Thank u. Plus, Kim u sound gr8 on it & thank u 4 not ignoring it like I thought u did. Luv ya.

2008-07-10 02:58
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 God, theyr critical of u aren't they-but uv done right by me-pickn another gr8&ignored beauty piece of eerie longing&aching sadness & treated 2 the length it shuda been on the album-Kim's sngs always 2 short & this is SUCH a single. In fact this song is unique in the way it's her only song 2 my knowledge that has only 1 verse. After the 1st chorus, musical interlude-but then, unlike "Bitter Is Better" there r no more verses, only a middle-eight & choruses then gone. Thank u 4 lengthenin'a gr8 song. I must get that xtended "Lovers On A Beach" on the 12"of "The Second Time"-they SO need to remaster ALL her stuff,inc. B-sides&long versions of,em.

2007-01-06 00:50
sKipP [ e-mail] wrote
 just perfect!!!!!!! Ancient anglo carillion (bell tower) sound comes through! You should have done the Van Helsing soundtrack. Very East Europe.

2005-12-28 05:58
Anna-Maria*** [ e-mail] wrote
 About the remix, you should all check out the View From a Bridge remix, it's so funky!!! Yo, you will all love it, try downloading that remix, on VFAB *view from a bridge) you are missing a lot!!! Calanor look down hehe...

2005-12-21 22:26
Anna-Maria*** [ e-mail] wrote
 Lalalalala, remix is good, I liked it... but I much more prefer the "View From A Bridge" remix... HAHAHAHAHA, that one for now is the BEST remix, in my opinion. Hehehe, it's so funny, (laughs)

2005-09-10 14:28
Karl [ e-mail] wrote
  hi Marcy Marc, I'm pretty busy at the moment but that last comment by Dgé made me wanna listen to what you did.Don't take it badly but,in my eyes there are songs like this one that are totally untouchable.It's really hard to remix TMT i guess,so you worked hard on it and i could notice it. Well i did listened to your remix and here's my opinion : 1/I really love the way you began & finished the mix,that's interesting and it takes only one listening to realize it's smart. 2/After the 1st chorus, i tink That's WHERE i liked it less,after 'i want you..' i think it's so hard to change that part,when Kim softly sings 'want me too',THAT is untouchable once again,and it 'kills' your job.. 3 a/Then there's the idea to mix 'Take me' fading with the chorus once again and i thought it was a good idea Marc,maybe only once would have been better though. 3 b/That's when maybe,you could have let drums play a little more,creating a good break & then go back to the chorus? There are too many 'chorus reprises' in my opinion,but as there are not so many lyrics in that song,it was clearly no easy job! That's why you used different parts of vocals and sometimes these parts came up a bit too suddenly.. 4/Finally the end,with the little notes again is the best idea you had. This is certainly not the best remix you've done,but obviously one of the hardest,to my mind,you really worked on it,dunno if i could really remix it myself LOL However i think you can do much better! :-)

2005-09-10 13:13
Dgé [ e-mail] wrote
 I was so excited to discover this TMT remix... but i am disapointed: it seems to me this remix is like a patchwork without sense, made with a piece here, a piece there... another here. Sorry, Marc with a C, you know i'm a big fan of your remixes - that's why i express myself so frankly- but i expected more. And TMT has always been my favorite song on Select with Cambodia and VFAB... By the way i dedicate this song to the one who knows it. Lisa, you are a true 'coquine':-)

2005-08-29 15:55
Gareth321 [ e-mail] wrote
 Yeah another great remix well done Marc!!! can't wait for the next one!!!

2005-08-28 19:42
Anna-Maria [ e-mail] wrote
 Well i got to say that the new cover magazine is hard to find and that it's hard for me to listen this song. I'm going to try again later

2005-08-28 16:05
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Marc, that was very nice! Good mid-tempo dance floor mix, and as you extended it to the length you did, I could see it being used at a big 80s themed party. The song is very dated from that time, but that's what I love about it! Your additions breathe new life into it.

2005-08-27 14:00
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Thank you Marc Monroe! Bo Bo Pi Do!

2005-08-27 09:07
Katrien [ e-mail] wrote
 Love it again! There is always a great build up in your mixes. This song leans itself greatly to do this as there is a lot of synth. in it. What a sensible voice Kim has which is underlined again by your remix and subtle additions. I adore this! 10 + !!!

2005-08-26 23:39
Marco wrote
 One of my all time fav Kim tracks. I really like this as it breathes new life into a track that I've played into the ground. Not too sure about some of the arrangement but it's good to hear different things a bit more clearly. I'd certainly like this on CD.

2005-08-26 19:56
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 A very nice extended remix that could just as well have been an official one! The cymbals, especially during the intro, don't sound too good though. Even though the same can be said about the original track, I find it more evident in this remix. It's a rather minor issue, though - overall, I find it to be really good! Well, done, Marc!

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