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Look Alive

Steve Byrd / Pierre Mathis
(United Kingdom, 2004)

Played: 5802 times

2007-01-07 22:11
ski [ e-mail] wrote
 the angel comment indeed! it leads into my southernish perspective but I am telling you who I could hear doing this song as soon as I heard it of my favorite bands... Union Station.... this song is awesome!very great talents! thanks! ;-)

2004-12-29 16:02
Mystraculpa [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Amazing, it's wonderfull. Can someone send it or bring it on cd? I'm looking forward of what to come!!! And it inspired me of writing also some new material !!!! Thanks so much 4 sharing it with us!!!!!!

2004-12-21 12:28
Oeil De Biche [ e-mail] wrote
 It's a song i'd like to hear surrounded by angels...

2004-12-12 07:16
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Nice and moody, Pierre. It sounds a bit like some of the new age pop I get into now and then. Very nice acoustic backup. Steve, of course, is an excellent guitarist as always. It reminds me a bit of an October Project song.

2004-12-06 13:40
Byrdman [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Pierre, Nice one again. You are a man of many talents. Steve.

2004-12-06 08:20
Dgé wrote
 Deep and beautiful voice for a ballad which become more and more attractive after several listening. Web designer, singer, writer, loved by all i know? What are you now going to lay ? What doesn't you know to do, Pierre? It's irritating at the end. You are a sort of Remi Bricka of 2004, the one-man band of this wild-world-web. Really irritating at the end. Grrrr! . C'est la vie en couleur, tiens voilà le marchand de ballon, C'est des cris et des pleurs... Remy Bricka.

2004-12-05 17:32
Marcy Marc [ e-mail] wrote
 Wow - a superb song. Verry sad sounding - but i like these kinda songs annyway. Astonishing singing and guitar wor. As i said before P. that kind of songs suits your voice. Ever thought bout a duet with Vanessa Paradis? That would be awesome - maybe a duet on "Marylin & John"....

2004-12-05 07:57
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre, I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like I merely "exist" from day to day. HOW LUCKY are you to have Kim's precious guitarist collaborating with you!

2004-12-03 23:13
Karl [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre & Steve i am impressed,really.Very interesting,very nice! Pierre you wouldn't tell me on phone a few days ago,petit cachottier! People should really rediscover what real Music is nowadays & THAT's what i call real Music.Congrats!

2004-12-03 20:32
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 "A pile of books lays on the ugly bedroom floor, hand-written notes around..." Sounds like my place on a good day. I love it.

2004-12-03 19:01
JR [ e-mail] wrote
 Very nice, such a beautiful melody Pierre babie what can i say ( George Micheal Eat your heart out) :)- Steve you are amazing on guitar

2004-12-03 16:56
Karina [ e-mail] wrote
 I am with you JERZY but + some corrections -YORKSHIRE forest,STEVE with indian orchestra,PIERRE with french tune in his voice.

2004-12-03 16:25
jerzy [ e-mail] wrote
 What a surprise! What a collaboration! Great folky feel to it (I imagine solitary Pierre walking the Yorkshire moors singing this song). Sad but beautifully sad. Pierre's voice and Steve's guitar go well together nicely.

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