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You Have To Learn To Live Alone

Virtual duet by Pierre
(France, 2004)

Played: 10242 times

2007-01-16 21:15
Karl [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
  Excellent.. why isn't it on your Myspace page,Pierre?

2004-12-13 01:34
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Honestly Pierre, you should be shopping demos out to record labels. Very nice indeed!

2004-11-21 13:33
Ernest Hemingway [ e-mail] wrote
 "FIESTA" "the HUMAN being shoudn't be alone"

2004-11-19 12:29
Pifou [ e-mail] wrote
 excellent. Le rapport avec Japan et David Sylvian peut se justifier (tiens j'avais envoyé un courriel à Pierre à propos de David Sylvian justement !) en début de chanson principalement (vous avez un site david sylvian tv ? 8o) )

2004-10-08 23:39
Stephane [ e-mail] wrote
 Ahhhhhh, JAPAN! Tin Drum. You sound like David Sylvian, Pierre! Do you compose your own material as well? If so, let us hear it! /fan of Japan

2004-09-30 20:46
katrien wrote
 I adore this version. Firstly the touch of the guitar on it makes it filled, Pierre your voice sounds so good hear. Smooth and soft. I heard the original a few days ago and then I thaught: What is this? Now listening to it I know: Pierre's version is it. FANTASTIC!

2004-09-01 16:43
Rashid [ e-mail] wrote
 Well this is fab! Pierre your voice sounds lovely and blends in with Kim's rather well! I do love your harmonies as well. This version is by far, better than the original!

2004-08-27 22:19
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 BTW, am I the only one noticing how beautifully Pierre's and Kim's voices go together?

2004-08-27 22:04
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 I think I prefer this version to the original Berger-Wilde duet. In fact I'm pretty certain of it :-) Congratulations to Pierre and Steve, you guys did a beautiful job. (Pierre & Steve, now there's a nice ring to it. Whiter than Tuck & Patti, darker than Pierre & Gilles, ladies and gentlemen... Pierre & Steve!) _______________________ Calanor, if you want a chance to see the original Michel Berger - Kim Wilde duet, you should try this great site that has a lot of Kim Wilde videos and put them on rotation every now and then. They also have a great forum with lots of weirdos... I mean, nice people posting. Now if I could just find the url...

2004-08-25 22:31
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 Splendid work, Pierre and Steve! There are some minor sound issues, but that's quite understandable considering that Kim's parts are based on an old (well, dunno about "old", but nevermind :) ) TV broadcast. Considering the fact that I have neither seen nor heard that performance, I've got to ask if there's any chance that we'll hear/see Kim's version here? :)

2004-08-24 23:33
Marcy Marc [ e-mail] wrote
 Hey Mr.Webmaster - this is pure brilliance. Congratulations for this nice version. I also love Steve's guitar work on this track - really great.Pierre you must have been kissed by a muse for this one (i watched XANADU recently so muses come to mind) well if your first interpetation of this song was great this version is a small masterpiece...

2004-08-24 20:58
Wildestorm [ e-mail] wrote
 That was very sweet. Great job Pierre. I'm sure we all have been singing with Kim to record or at a concert but like this, well I for one doesn't have the voice but it would still be fun. Love what I hear and see here at this place...thank you.

2004-08-24 19:28
JR [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre very nice job, i always like that song she did in 90 with some French singer, but i rather hear it with you :) True Wild child../Lisa if you have DVD Detoxes =Kim& Michael, you can see Kim is in the bathroom very pretty with blue walls , kind of country style and there were some creams, i think she mentioned few times that one of the most expensive things she lets herself Gooo, are her facial Creams.

2004-08-24 16:50
Karl [ e-mail] wrote
 Very nice Pierre..Steve,i guess u're playing guitar on it & it suits so well,bravo à tous les 2!

2004-08-24 16:28
Byrdman [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Pierre, C'est magnifique!Vous ette une star aussi.Merci boucoup pour une chansant nouvea a Kim. Sorry mate I learned French in the 60's. Well done Pierre,if Kim won't make new tracks it seems you are doing it for her.

2004-08-24 16:15
Krasi [ e-mail] wrote
 …!!!.!......... ….. …. Oops, I guess I was left speechless for some time… Pierre, I must be dreaming again! It sounds so natural that I get the impression it was you, Steve and… Kim together in the studio … I wish Kim can hear that! Man, I love this website……………… Steve, thank you so much for being a part of this! By the way, did you sing it again my friend? I think your vocal is slightly different now.

2004-07-04 14:25
Dgé wrote
 C'est l'heure de la sieste; le soleil plombe et les cigales accompagnent ce très joli duo qui me transporte suavement dans mon léger sommeil.

2004-04-12 01:58
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Wow, Pierre! You have a great, smooth voice. It reminds me a bit of Dack Thatcher from Johnny Hates Jazz. Very nice AC/jazz song.

2004-03-30 13:28
Alisue Xtasy [ e-mail] wrote
 Si je pouvais être sûr qu il n y ait pas de risque qu on foute le feu aux Cévennes je te dirais de venir! Mais t en aurais même pas envie, alors... Tu chantes bien, toi aussi t as l air fragile et érotique, ce doux mélange qui fait que certains s imaginent parfois qu ils sont nos propriétaires, mais nos coeurs sont à papa, tu sais, le propriétaire! 10 on 10 and a standing ovation for Pierre & Kim s golden voices, et si on foutait le feu à Peter & Sloane?

2004-01-09 23:20
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 I agree with Tasha; Pierre's voice is very smooth! Looking forward to your next one Pierre!

2003-12-30 15:46
TaSHa [ e-mail] wrote
 I never knew our Pierre has such a smooth voice..;) Keep up the good work! :)

2003-11-20 13:16
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre- This duet with Kim is so beautiful! I love it more than the original, and I'm not just saying this because you are the almighty webmaster!! Being Australian, it would be quite exotic to hear you sing something in French, but I guess it's not Kim Wilde

2003-11-12 11:53
Dgé [ e-mail] wrote
 Ca y est. I'm close to tears again, after listening to the Pierre's under shower edit... I'm just a poor boy, too sensitive in this wild world.

2003-08-28 09:57
Karl wrote
 i told u Pierre,you're definetely gifted! i'm sure Kim would love this virtual duet you did...Bravo!

2003-07-29 17:55
Vanessa 26508 wrote
 Hi ! This is so great. I discovered this song thanks to a conversation with DJ_Ice. I had never discovered this section by myself !! First I love this song and kim's interpretation but Pierre this is a terrific cover !! Don't you want to spread it on a peer-2-peer program ? Would be nice to hear it over and over !! If you feel like doing some more songs, I'm already a fan !!

2003-06-30 12:07
Frank BE wrote
 Hey man this is a great cover!! Is this possible to dl this one in mp3 format?

2003-06-26 09:18
Gérard wrote
 Décidément tu es très surprenant.... Après t'avoir eu au téléphone une fois (do you remenber), je n'imaginais pas que tu saches chanter... Mais que diable ne t'es tu présenté à La Recherche de la Nouvelle Star. J'aurai innondé le standard de SMS en ta faveur... Bon, Tu le sais, je te l'ai dit plusieurs fois, mille bravo et merci pour ce que tu fais. Je pense que si Kim fait un come back digne de ce nom, quelque part tu y auras contribué. Continue d'évoluer si brillament et de garder la flamme alive. Pour notre plus grand plaisir. Gérard.

2003-06-21 01:28
Maxim [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Well done Pierre, it sounds really good! I think you could be a professional singer and maybe sing together with Kim for real. (And, since you're asking, you should keep the website running. It's like a breath of fresh air for us - to be able to see and hear our divine Kim.)

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