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Kim Wilde - Kids In America

(United Kingdom, 1981)

Played: 35539 times

2010-07-30 20:48
kam [ e-mail] wrote
 It will be 30 years in 5 months time since this great debut song by Kim was released and it still sounds so good today. I really hope that Kim gets the time to do a tour in 2011 to celebrate her successful time in the music business. I hope kim comes to do a show in Derby or nearby. I wish Kim and her loved ones alot of happiness and success in their life. God Bless

2008-07-11 22:28
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Here it is. Case in point, this video is better than the song-the song that one Rashid don't need played at clubs as all act like it's her only one anyway even in her own soddin country! Hello, if I was in a club, I'd be insistin' on 'Touch', 'Salome','Shame'etc. Still, as some have noted, NOT my fave song-how cud it be when the Monarch of Pop beat the hell out of it with at least 100 other songs! Not my fave vid either, but a classy affair, better looking than Duran's debut vid and any other female too, and coolly anarchic. A 9/10 I think. Sad as I am that people can't always know her from the start, at least with Ziezi discoverin' her in'85 meant she wasn't likely 2 b singin'this. Interesting enuf2hear that it closes with"well kids"over"we're kids" but come on, it's this song. Big deal. Now finding out she said"Scarlet" in "Birthday Song", "mould me down 2 size of a rubber ball," in "Putty"-THAT matters in an important song and all 80s ones apart from"Boys" were always more addictive than"Kids". But "Cambodia" wud b the song 2 prove to the world, yes this aint no pop bimbo here&it's not only men that can write and perform songs other than about luv. Finally, Lisa, wot where u thinking? Kim being American? I take it u were 2yrs old so I can excuse it, but nevermind the accent, didn't the possible clues that she didn't look nor come out with the braindead swill of ur turgid, hateful Mariah Carey, Celine Dions, or MOR slushy power ballads the likes of Heart&Starship come out with not get heads up? Equally was she ever promoted past her 1st song? American singers use up their sell-by date fast yet always the Paula Abduls, Tina Turner&Gloria Estefans are allowed 2 churn off 4ever&ever despite having little 2 give. Also Kim doesn't take her clothes off 2 sell records, and for the continent that gave us the worst person evr-Madonna-I do hava lot of loathing. Only Cyndi Lauper, Bangles&Voice Of The Beehive are the truly original woman the US ever gave us from the gr8 80s to here, with a dash of Wilson Phillips&Pat Benatar, and o'course-Stevie Nicks. Pretenders&Jennifer Rush are exempt-I count these as Brits as they do not have a US sound-& r all the better 4 it. Finally, Marc from Pigalle, luv 2meet u, u sound gr8 fun&wot tenacity u have 2 hang out with people who don't dig Queen Wilde. Twits. I heard u got tired of all the musclemen at the Roxy-I'm tired of 'em all looking like butch women. When was the last time I ever saw a REAL man-i.e one with a hairy chest in Kim's vids-they never r. This disturbingly wrong craze of makin'a man deny&hate wot he is started in the 80s sometime&that is 1 of the most repellent things about that decade, along with Madonna, of course. To answer ur question, Marc, Trevor Murrell-her 1st drummer, appearn in "Kids" & a few more of the early 1s is the best looking male, though she never gripped him! Well not on film. Otherwise her brother & Jesse Birdsall from "Hey Mr Heartche" wud b the best. Not a good bunch-more Select the Catch As Catch Can't-yet Another Step in the wrong direction of apparent maleness. All Teases, no Dares, all pleases, no bodyhairs. Still, Never Say Never!

2007-03-22 22:52
interceptor [ e-mail] wrote
 Very nice - good old times

2006-02-13 10:10
polak [ e-mail] wrote
 Kim Wilde is the best singer. I want too see her video clip.

2005-12-25 21:30
gscmar [ e-mail] wrote
 first saw this video when i was it and her then,am still in love with it and her now.

2005-11-28 21:20
Ziezi wrote
 I am from Bulgaria and I love Kim Wilde ! I was 19 years old when I saw her for the first time - 1985

2005-11-24 03:14
The Laughing Man [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 I was curious what the music video was like. Being 14 I didn't get the same chance to see this video as the people that grew up in the 80's. I have the MP3 but I wanted to see the video. Thank you, Internet!!!

2005-10-09 13:49
guido [ e-mail] wrote
 Back in summer 1981 i saw Kim in Köln! I was 14 years old and i haven´t seen so much good looking lady with collness, - beautiful! She´s really a love blonde!

2005-10-06 02:05
Anna-Maria [ e-mail] wrote
 Looking out a clean new window, down below I see myself going to Europe, to move to Prague, to go finaly meet Kim Wilde. She has so much to say to the world and yet so much experience, she knows what to spit out, she knows how to be herself, while being calm. My question to her, if I ever find her, is this: Could you teach me a little bit about life?

2005-07-16 01:51
Yui Horie wannabe wrote
 I remember seeing part of this at a DDR machine, i tried dancing into this and i suck at it. (since this is not a very good DDR tune too rock to be technoish) but o well. Challenge is good. Or maybe I'm jus a noob at ddr. -_-

2005-07-02 08:27
White Ninja [ e-mail] wrote
 I came here so my daughter could see and hear the original video as Radio Disney has a remake going out to all the kiddies right now. It was nice to be able to share this great song with her. Thanks!

2005-06-30 22:36
kid [ e-mail] wrote
 very good song

2005-04-26 00:35
presley234 [ e-mail] wrote
 ik hou van music uit de 80 jaren,vooral kim.

2005-02-15 21:31
Tim wrote
 AWESOME!!! The 80's are still THE BEST!!!!

2004-10-29 16:59
k wrote
 fantastic! took me back a couple of years still fresh and rocky

2004-07-17 09:39
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] wrote
 In june, I was in NYC during the gay pride week. On saturday night, I went to a big party at The Roxy somewhere close to the Meatpacking district (hello Samantha Jones!). The music was good, the guys alright but most of them were on ecstasy and I got tired of all theses pecs and muscles dancing to the techno. A friend of mine told me there was a mezzanine where you could dance to pop music, mostly 80's stuff. So I went there and just when I arrived, would you believe, they were playing Kim's version of "Kids in America" !! It was just perfect timing. The guys there were mostly in their early 20's but they knew the song and jumped to every Ricki's "waowww". After the song, I sat and thought that maybe Kim was in that club, 17 years ago, promoting "You keep me hangin' on". I know that she did a couple of club performances, maybe it was at the Roxy... who knows?

2004-06-16 19:35
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] wrote
 alright ! Time for a new game.. Name the videos where Kim holds a man in her arms.. Go look in KWTV's database ! Also tell me what is the best looking man in Kim's videos (I'm already in a New York Gay Pride mood lol)

2004-06-15 21:17
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] wrote
 I never had the chance to visit the SF MOMA, when I got there, it was closed (due to some boring earthquake). I had great memories of the Guggenheim, I remember a few Kandinsky and my favorite Lautrec painting. I don't know anything about the club and bar scene. I'll be staying in the Greenwich Village (where else ?). I'll be there until the 30th, with friends who are not particularly fond of KW (nobody's perfect). Mon mail :

2004-06-15 20:57
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] wrote
 Alisue, you're going to the States ? So am I and I just can't wait ! I'm flying to NYC on June 23, I'm so excited ! I haven't been to Manhattan since 1998. I really need a "piqûre de rappel" : Guggenheim, MOMA, strolling around in Manhattan, have a few drinks, shopping like a mad man, and being part for the very first time of a certain event.. It's going to be so cool... I'm feeling like a kid on christmas' eve

2004-06-14 21:58
1 [ e-mail] wrote
 Kim, you are the best!

2004-04-13 13:06
Rashid [ e-mail] wrote
 Well, this is the one where it all began, for her and for a lot of us fans! This song remains my favourite to date and the video is a classic, and so is that t-shirt. The amount of times that I've got DJs to play this at clubs! She looks so young and innocent, very beautiful too.

2004-04-12 21:52
Kimfan1981 wrote
 i thought the end if the sind said "were the kids, were the kids, were the kids in america." i had no idea it was "well kids.. well kids... well kids in america." lol

2004-04-09 19:10
Masimo [ e-mail] wrote
 Yeh Lisa im surprised to JR's information that Kim Wilde bought an Apt in Central London in 1982 with Kids in America "Royal Check"...Wow can you imagine how many big checks she got after that ? :) wow, wow, no wonder she sings a lot of Oh woow, she must be VERY RICH SEXY girl

2004-04-09 19:07
Masimo [ e-mail] wrote
 we ll kids we ll kids in AMERICA :), its such a strange but addictive song, what big hit that was...Im thinking going to UK this July see Kim Wilde concert is anyone going? its open air should be fun, I kind of like Human Legue too, Maybe we can ask Kim have glass of Champaine with us after the show :)

2004-04-07 22:14
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 Back in 1981, you could not possibly avoid hearing this one playing just about anywhere here in Sweden. I even remember the first time I heard Kids - it was in a restaurant during, I believe, the early summer of 1981. That's more than I can say about many other songs. Still, it never was any of my favourite songs and I didn't appreciate Kimmy for real 'til I heard Cambodia half a year later or so. Still, I appreciate Kids much more today, both the vid and the song. Can't say that the vid is outright great, but I know it was made in haste and it shows off a not fully secure Kimmy taking her first steps. For that reason alone, one cannot help to love the video.

2004-04-07 15:29
Philippe [ e-mail] wrote
 Hello Wilde people, It has been a while, reading the comments on this site is hot enough to have some launch a fatwa on most free spirits expressing themselves here. I think it`s funny, and kinda cool to have people talk about so many issues - and themselves - through a website dedicated to Kim. Just watched the Kids video, nothing to say but Waow! although I think she looks even cooler on Chequered Love. But the song, what a landmark stone in our hearts and minds! There were a few comments her about the return of Agnetha. The album is still due April 20 if I`m not mistaken, and you can hear a few excerpts on Her voice, personnality, insecurities have always touched me. I met her briefly in 1983, during the promotion of "wrap your arms around me", just like I met Frida in 1982 for "Something`s going on". The latest news, from an interview published last week with Bjorn, is that she is refusing to do any promotion AGAIN, when she thought she could until a month ago, after years of therapy to overcome her fear of flying, of crowds, and of stalkers ( she had a relationship with a dutch fan despite the advice of friends and family) and it ended up with a restraining order. I`ve been on the macrobiotic detox diet for the past three months, lost three pounds, and go swimming everyday, doing mostly butterfly. I know Kim chooses mostly organic produce, and I also believe that despite the mark-up, it`s all so worth it, for our own health and for the planet. Little things we CAN do. Lisa helped me get back on WTV, thank you Sweetie. Oh, we had the Queen of England in our lounge two days ago, but my shift began 15 minutes later, and I missed her by 15 minutes. She was heading for France for the Centennial of the Entente Cordiale between France and England. Ok, I`m almost done. Could someone tell me if it is just me, but I like "World in perfect harmony" as much for its male chorus as for Kim`s "acidulee" voice. There`s something almost "orgasmic" about that refrain, anybody else feels that way, or have I just made a fool of myself publicly here? Last thing: Pierre, is this really you on the new avatar pic? Well, I suppose it is... You `re looking good, French Man!! And Alisue, sans contrefacon, es-tu un garcon? Philippe in London.

2004-04-06 12:00
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Thanks Pierre, watching this clip brings back a flood of memories for me. It was soooo cutting edge at that time, and I think I was only 5 or 6 years old, watching this clip in my parents bedroom (already trying to escape from the family...ha ha) Many years later I was shocked to discover that Kim was British, not American.(Did anyone else think she was American? I know, I know, she sings in such a British accent though) Fav Parts 1)When she gives that really tough girl look and slaps the guys hand off her shoulder (so cool, I'll have to do that one day!)2) The way she seductively moves behind the fence 3) The overall pout..I WANT THAT POUT and no amount of lip liner will ever help me achieve that pout. I try to pout sometimes, but I just end up looking very unnatural!

2004-04-05 21:23
kimfan1981 wrote
 OMG thanks so much for loading this video this is my favorite kim song and its stuck in my head almost everyday. i first listened to it when i was 6 and i finally got to see the video after all these years.

2004-04-02 15:42
Alisue Xtasy [ e-mail] wrote
 The first WildeTV logo! Has anyone noticed she nearly falls at point? She s got 1 of the sexiest mouths I ve ever seen!

2004-04-01 18:27
Petu [ e-mail] wrote
 Well, this is my first chance to see Kim´s first video! Not my favorite track, not my favourite video, but it´s such a classic!!!

2004-04-01 01:27
Masimo [ e-mail] wrote
 LOL this is i believe her 1st video and her biggest hit? its funny how videos changed nowdays

2004-03-31 13:22
Ayla_fr [ e-mail] wrote
 Make me 2, or even 3, 4, 5 !!! God, I remember that day like yesterday, I first saw Kim in Kids in America, it all started there, Oooooh I love 1981 so many memories, so much emotion, I can feel the same heartbeat each time I watch the video .... She was 21. And I was a kid ... but not in America ! :)

2004-03-30 17:10
jerzy [ e-mail] wrote
 Just remember my heart beating REALLY fast when I saw it the first time. Sweet memories.

2004-03-30 16:18
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 The video that started it all... What can one says after all these years? Sigh... that moody look, between shyness and rebellion... that mane of wild hair which made her look like Marianne's Faithful kid sister... that blue light on her skin... those lips... that hand on her shoulder she brushes off... that look, that look, that "dont mess with me if you're not man enough" look... Sigh. The beginning of a 23 years old crush.

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