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You Keep Me Hangin'On

Krasi's Euro Cover
(Bulgaria, 2004)

Played: 5664 times

2005-07-22 21:01
Natalia [ e-mail] wrote
 Krasi, that's a wonderful voice you have. You really really REALLY need to do some more songs. And post them too!!! Wow, I'm amazed. :) Congrats!! :)

2005-01-24 23:47
Vitux wrote
 Bravo, Krasi! You did it well!

2004-05-19 19:52
Massimo wrote
 Great sound, Krasi you have nice voice, "keep me hangin on" is 1 of my personal fav songs too. You should cover Loved too.

2004-05-15 20:03
Rumen [ e-mail] wrote
 AMAZING PERFORMANCE, KRASI:) PERFECT!!! I want to hear you singing it live! We can arrange it easy... Napravo niamam dumi!!! Ooo, kakvo izmislih sega! Pierre, uyou've done an EXCELLENT work:) It is a real pleasure to hear you both singing:)))

2004-05-09 16:40
Alisue Xtasy [ e-mail] wrote
 Krasi have you already tried to record on "Hit Him" or "Child Come Away"? I like your voice when you sound like a little girl who knows she just made something she was not allowed to ;-) And who s singing behind you? Is it the guy from the original "'Hangin' On" vid? The very 1 never entering the door and keepin' it all hangin' on?

2004-05-09 00:36
ericbletsh [ e-mail] wrote
 Next time it's me who's going to sing it.JEAH_JEAH!! Dont bother the crittics down below,becorse you sang it from within your heart/soul,and that must be worth something!!

2004-05-04 19:02
Maxim [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Well done Krasi, this is a very good work from you! Now that there are more and more fans doing their own remixes and cover versions, maybe I can do something as well. I'm really looking forward to doing something with View From A Bridge or Loved, but have got to practise my guitar a lot more. I'm not sure about my vocal abilities, how about me providing a soundtrack for someone like Krasi to record her vocals over?

2004-05-04 07:33
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Boyed, it's actually your turn now to sing a little cover for us! Don't it well, I'm very critical you know!

2004-05-04 07:32
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Ohhh common Boyed, it's better than "not bad"! Don't forget she doesn't have a sound studio, a live band, an Engineer and a producer. I'm sure if we could arrange all these things for her she might be up to your standards!

2004-05-04 07:09
Boyed [ e-mail] wrote
 Not bad for the first time, Krasi. I like the way you sing this favourite song of mine. Truly, I think you need to work a liitle bit more on your voice and it would be perfect. Hope to hear new performances from you.

2004-05-03 23:42
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] wrote
 Ah ha ! Isn't that Pierre Le Webmaster providing backing vocals on that cover hmm ??? Come on Pierre, get out, get out of the closet ! (but not out of our lives) This track stands the test of time even with that delicious Bontempi arrangement. Nice guitar. Now, what's next ? Does anybody want to cover View From A Bridge ? Please ?

2004-05-02 22:57
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 Well, YKMHO isn't exactly my favourite Kimmy song, but you're doing a superb job here, Krasi! I'm really impressed, you've got a really good voice - the fact that it took you less than 2h to record it makes it all the more impressive. I do feel that your voice suits the song just fine, and you definitely have the right attitude in it. Really great, Krasi!

2004-05-02 13:42
Dgé [ e-mail] wrote
 First i'd like to welcome back our Krasi; i miss you and it's good to have you back with this rather good version of YKMHO (pretty voice Krasi=). Girls are too rare here on Wtv, so i pray for you to stay for good. And where are Ayla, Wendy, Tasha, Karina, Minnie??? Come on girls, i just wanna have fun:) Lisa, I dont know if i could be your Romeo, but on this rainy Sunday, i'd like you to be my Juliette...

2004-05-02 11:52
Marcy Marc [ e-mail] wrote
 WOW is all i can say! Krasi you made a superb piece of work! As Lisa said the best part is at the end with "Get out get out of my life..". Really well done - two thumbs up for this one

2004-05-02 11:48
Karl [ e-mail] wrote

2004-05-02 02:40
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Bravo Krasi - your voice is really clear and sweet. I like the way you really get angry during the bit "get out, get out, of my life" - really captures the emotion of the song! Nice job!

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