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United Kingdom, 1995
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Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark
France, 1984
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Passeport Pour La Forme
Kim Wilde - Baby Obey Me
Germany, 2007
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Ballermann Hits '07

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Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark

Passeport Pour La Forme
(France, 1984)

Played: 19906 times
Average rating: 9.06/10

2008-07-02 23:19
TJFlirty [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 Oooooohhhh dangerous!!!! Wouldn't wanna approach her if she'd had a few - she'd prob bottle me!!! After readin some of these comments I feel like bottlin a few people myself!! DO NOT understand wot evry1's prob is with this song. Its always been my fave on album eva since I 1st heard it bk in 95! (I know, but I'm only 26 so giv me a break bout the belatedness of it all!) This is a gr8 vid 4 it tho. I always imagined a darkened/bluish rm with a strobe lite - but this is gd! (Mind that fire Kim! U don't look like the type of gal who just happens 2 hav a pair of flame-resistant gloves on ya 24/7!)

2008-07-02 23:09
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 1stly let's deal with the pointless criticism. By Oct 81, Kim had made the last of her 2 'worst' singles-"Boys" follown "Kids In America"(yes I do mean that last 1-wot is all ur admiration 4 that thing-all it did was introduce 2 the gr8tst female singr evr& then she gve us"Chequered Love"&the girl smashed with evry wickd song that followd, release or not, inc.this 1. JR Ewing, once again I "Shoot2Disable" ur opinion, Caro cudn't b any more girly if she tried pickn out the ballads of "Catch"(thou theyr all luvly o'course,& Calanor ur despicable-around in'83 among sum of her best stuff&u STILL bang on about not likn this incredible song. Well I'm sick of the fact evrythin has 2 b about flamin' "kidsnAmerica, U Came(cut), U KeepMe Hangin'& Chequered Love. I wish I was bashed2death with "Dancin'InDark" 4 xample the way I am with these 1s wen she performs & the few times she on soddin UK radio & its only evr flamin"Kids". Now can I please rate this clip. The vid is gr8, Pieere, 1st time I ever saw the vid-fire is gr8 symblism-bet the "rushin wind kept blowin it against her miii-iind." Ya catch that Caro. U shud, evn if it aint "Sing It Out4Luv." She looks gr8-nice innocent counterpoint 2"Luv Blonde" floozn. But where's the follow=up vid "House Of Salome". Find it Pierre&we will play sweet musics 2gthr"in the heat of the desert, or hands'll beat at the door!"

2008-05-12 21:52
Mick [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Very enjoyable Kim at her finest.

2008-04-30 22:43
RUN [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 if i would go back to the past, it wont be necessary since every hour i live is intense as a year. sometimes, a tiger moving like a shadow will live more in a week than a person in a lifetime. yeah, o would go to the past, hehe

2008-04-21 11:15
RUN [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 this unique video reminds when a cold wind chilled my spine in vancouver in 81. i used to go to the beach and sat near the lying logs, sticking a piece of wood on the sand to lean because i couldnt move. there was a girl who used to see me with curiosity for several days till a day her mom or somebody older took her away. yeah, it was a shame what i did, sitting with those funny pieces of wood but there was nothing i could do about it. i wonder who that girl was

2008-04-17 04:39
RUN [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 excelling video song, all a nice wind of love stenghth for burn-out souls

2007-10-07 17:08
Alexandre [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 The quintessence of what drove me crazy in that girl, her glamourous and sensual looks into the camero, her sweet fake blonde hair. When I saw the original version on TV, years, years ago, I remember that paradoxal feeling of heat desire and frustration not being there to touch her all over, and over, and over... Nile Rogers used to know how to produce that desire effect on teenager boys! Thing is, now they (nearly) all are gays ;-))) Thank you Pierre, this 1 s brilliant, really.

2007-09-15 06:19
Lisa [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 Each look in his eyes made my heart beat in time, over and over and over amd over. Oh my god, I have to see him again!

2007-09-15 06:11
Lisa [ e-mail] rated 5/10
 Well, I think Kim looks utterly fabulous as usual wearing her dangly plastic earings and shoulder pads...the concept of the video sucks! Reminds me of a bogus family camping holiday I went on at age 14. Sand in my toe nails, ears and eye and other areas I care not to mention. What's going on here?? She looks across the bon fire and sees two boys dancing in a public toilet block wearing Wham choose life T-shirts? This is Pierre's favourite?? Common on? The lyrics to this song are so incredibly romantic - I love romance, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world :) I had a little romance with my strai8 hairdresser the other week, but I think it's now over because I spent time with the gay one and he cut my hair, now the strai8 one thinks that someone else has been "cutting my hair", but it's not really like that between us...Oh well, ce la vie. Steve, it's California, probably New York Japan, hopefully Bahamas, then who knows. I'd love to work in Europe for awhile. Settle down, maybe never :)

2007-09-11 16:07
tonyderarera [ e-mail] rated 9/10
 Wow I just loved this! Yes the Disco D'or cover shot is actually one of my all time fav poses of kim but i had no idea that it was taken from a performance which makes this such a great treat! She looks fabulous and the location is cool! Thumbs Up! Thanks for sharing this with us Pierre!

2007-09-08 09:06
Marc From Ménilmuche [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Hmmm that's what I call a Nugget !! Thanks Pierre ! I remember watching it on TF1 in 1984. Wasn't the show hosted by Sydney "a chipé a chopé" ? I forgot about the handheld camera. It sucks. But she looks lovely. And I still enjoy "Dancing in the dark", but RAK should have definitely released "House of Salome" as the follow-up of "Love Blonde".

2007-09-07 13:53
Caro [ e-mail] rated 6/10
 I read in a French article(btw very bad article where the translation makes Kim speak with a very low French level,for example "ça nous a pris comme une envie de pisser un jour" or "tu vas voir poulette,avec ça on décroche le gros lot et hop en voiture Simone",I'm really not sure Kim said that in English). In this article,Kim says she doesn't like Dancing in the dark and that she doesn't like singing it except a few small parts in it but the record company wanted to conquer The united states with that track. I don't like this song very much and on the album I prefer Love blonde,Stay a while,Can you hear it and my favourite on it is Sing it out for love.

2007-09-07 10:31
Calanor [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 Well, the song is pretty much the one I like the least in Kim's entire RAK catalogue - I didn't like it in 1983 and I still don't. However, rating video clips should obviously be primarily about the actual performance and I quite like this one. It must be one of the absolutely last RAK era performances too, and that makes it interesting for other reasons as well.

2007-09-07 08:40
Wildestorm [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Love this song and time. Remember when this song was my favourite for almost a year, just waiting and waiting for the new single. I heard it iver and over and over... Never seen this clip, only the pictures taken at the same time. She looks lovely.

2007-09-07 08:02
Sonia L [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 what a great one memory on this french tv show recorded at the baléares at porto petro it was on the channel tf1 the 05 july 1984

2007-09-06 22:51
Gareth321 [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Well I love this clip Pierre thanks!!! Kim looks so yummy,I noticed the Disco D'or cover is taken from this video or the same occasion. Oh Pierre whats your favourite video btw?

2007-09-06 22:21
JR [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 I don't like this song that much but clips is cute, kind of amature looks like someone just taped it with videocamera LOL... I like when she sings "No Way no way at all ..they i don't get it what she is saying :) remmember Alex likes this song

2007-09-06 20:43
Pierre (webmaster) [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 and if anyone ever asks me which is my favourite Kim Wilde video, well it's this one!

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