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Kim Wilde - Interview

(United Kingdom, 1984)

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2008-09-02 19:00
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Love her being interviewed, and she is promoting a top single from the 3rd 5stat perfecto album in a row. Nick Ross seems bloody out of his depth here, with no idea how to talk to a beautiful rock queen 50 yrs his junior. Still, Kim, we ALL have to endure things we don't like for art and 'The Second Time' was a cool video, much better than the sily safe ones that followed. Unlike them, 'The Second Time' was the only release to have a video almost as adult, challenging and dynamic as the song was. Just cos slag Madonna couldn't do it with her crap-old story. Kim you're the best. Interesting to note when I last saw her interviewed by these two, it was with the far inferior to Catch and Teases, Now&Forever album. Ross was a lot nicer then. And I think-hope-she would have had time to perform the then single 'Breakin' Away.' Kim looks razor hot.

2004-12-12 05:03
moogaboo [ e-mail] wrote
 Obviously she was already having a 'feeling fat' day (in those pants, who wouldn't), the poor dear shouldn't have had to contend with insincere questions regarding hair and self esteem. She handled it like a trooper.

2004-12-11 16:34
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Leather? Okay, that's not my favorite video, but leather? LOL, could those interviewers be more out of it? They say there's 6 degrees of separation. Here there's about 12. Poor Kim. You can see she was really uncomfortable and embarrassed.

2004-11-26 18:16
Craig [ e-mail] wrote
 That presenter bloke is so derogatory and sexist towards Kim it's no wonder she reacted coldly! It is obvious he dislikes her from his attitude and she handled it well! It's weird watching her in her heyday, as i am too young to remember this. I cannot imagine Kim being precocious or stuck for words in an interview thesedays. Uncomfortable viewing! Great hair though... On Kim that is.

2004-11-14 05:07
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Do wish Alexandre (I love saying the name Alexandre, it just rolls off my tongue) and Pat could have interviewed Kim here. For starters, Alex would know the difference between Lycra and leather, and Pat, well, Pat's just damn funny!

2004-11-13 11:43
katrien [ e-mail] wrote
 Kim looks brilliant! Her clothes, especially her galešon made her feel uncomfortable apparently but I remember not being to focused on her looks as defining it as a "new image". As I do remember rage to love from that period as well where she was all 'rock' chic again.

2004-11-13 06:08
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Ooh I hope he had a lovely time at the Dusty Springfield concert! Go For It - positive thinking? Never thought of it that way? A good interview considering, well, the hosts of the show were a bit .... square?

2004-11-12 22:03
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 Oh well, Pat, I don't know if I agree with you when you say that she seems unhappy here. However, much like monzaman I do think she seems to feel a little uncomfy. Still, a pretty good clip, though - and I do love that hair :P

2004-11-12 20:12
monzaman [ e-mail] wrote
 In fact she seems to be feeling umcomfortable to a certain extend during this interview. Now we know that she didn┤t like that period image wise. Maybe she felt phony promoting a new image that she felt was imposed on her.

2004-11-11 16:25
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 For those who deplore the fact that Kim is now doing gardens instead of singles, it's interesting to look back at this with a 2004 pespective. I don't think I have seen her look so unhappy and tired as she talks about "this great new look" or "coming across as positive". Now compare to the relaxed and confident woman of today and tell me you'd begrudge her for doing her own thing.

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