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Kim Wilde - Heaven
United Kingdom, 1995
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Astoria London
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United Kingdom, 2007
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Kim Wilde - Heaven

Astoria London
(United Kingdom, 1995)

Played: 12171 times
Average rating: 9.88/10

2009-02-02 02:08
Kenny S.F. [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 From the very overlooked album Now and Forever. There are some great tracks on this album like this one and True to You. Oh Hi everybody it's been forever!

2008-12-15 17:05
furballs [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Superb track from Kim it just dont get any better than this still got the cd single with the extended version of Heaven a brilliant track love it to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-12-14 13:47
Backstreet Joe [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Absolutely great ! J'aime cette période 1993/1995 où Kim est particulèrement sensuelle et sexy (rappelez vous la video de If I can't have you) . Avec la vague soul du moment (merci à Seal), je suis sûr que Now & Forever trouverait son public aujourd'hui. J'ai hâte d'être au 8 avril !

2008-12-14 06:23
Lisa [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I love witnessing the nervous energy before the performance, the exciting light extravaganza, and fabulous stage reveal! The first verse Kim sings is quite challenging, as the notes are high which demonstrates that Kim is a true live performer. Also, the tone of Kim's voice is very cool, clear and pleasant on the year. It's a nice dance / gospel influenced song. Lastly, Kim looks so fashionable and effortlessly cool in leather here, whereas on others it can look extremely dated, cheesy or skanky. Lastly, I love the way the top ties up from behind. It essentuates Kim's beautiful back and Monroe wavy hair.

2008-12-09 16:00
jR [ e-mail] rated 9/10
 Very good performance, i always like that song "u take me to Heaven u re taking me higher & higher" and she looked so Hot!. UK at that time had so many bullshit top 20 songs this song deserved to be Higher, i loved the rythm of the remix-tx Steve Right now in USA all R&B and Rap new songs is very Electro start from Kayne West to Lil Wayne -they realize that electro is just more fun.

2008-12-09 13:36
Byrdman [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Wow, I was there and it was cool,how come its never been seen before?Pierre don't you have Kim detectives scouring the planet for unseen footage?Shame on you,ha ha. Kim just astounds and amazes me,and I used to know her. What a woman,.........may I suggest she was in her prime then? Katrien still makes her look stunning and I'm sure she is,but,they ,(the uk critics,note, all in lower case as befits them)said she can't sing,.........WRONG,they said she can't dance WRONG again...........(the uk critics,scum that they were are cosy intheir social services bedsits waiting for their dole)......Well ,Kim will outlive all of them,and us ,probably, her career and in her life.She is made of the finest stuff,the child of a musical legend and a beautiful strong mom. Such a wonderful specimen of femininity,I am in awe! A pure blast of unadulterated talent,beauty,bravery for learning to dance, Mhaw! 100 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-12-09 09:36
Caro [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I like to read expressions on Kim's face at the beginning of the video.Oui Karl,Kim est une Lady.A course of feminity. Thanks Pierre.

2008-12-08 20:50
Karl [ e-mail] [ website] rated 10/10
 AAh lucky fans we are here on Kwtv : ) nice perf, Kim looks stunning here for a very special event,right.And i like the tune..I don't think there'll be a star with that level of class that soon.

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