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Kim Wilde - Interview

Paul O'Grady
(United Kingdom, 2004)

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2005-07-12 23:02
Natalia [ e-mail] wrote
 Kim is still gorgeous, even in 2004, and she seems happy to be here :)

2004-12-11 16:02
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 LOL, I thought that was a real plant! Whoever designed that cake is a real talent. Nice to see Kim so happy, although I still can't imagine her taking this turn in her life with the gardening. Must be that motherhood thing. LOL. I do agree with Krasi, though, about Kim looking better with some wave in her hair.

2004-11-23 21:07
fred [ e-mail] wrote
 Merci pierre ! Pour ceux qui ont un peu perdu leurs notions d'anglais ... à quand la traduction simultanée !!!

2004-11-22 16:37
Sabrina [ e-mail] wrote
 That's really a CAKE??? I have a feeling the celebrated british sense of humor started in the kitchen. (looks up) On a totally unrelated matter, il 'Maestro della Web una sporca sei.

2004-11-22 15:05
Krasi [ e-mail] wrote
 And thank you Pierre and Ermine!!

2004-11-22 15:04
Krasi [ e-mail] wrote
 Good fun! Loved the cake ;o) Kim looks great, though I would still prefer to see her hair wavier...

2004-11-21 20:06
Jerom. K. Jerom [ e-mail] wrote
 woman is interesting with her past, man - with his future.

2004-11-21 17:32
Byrdman [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre, Thanks for showing this as I missed it. I thought it was a lot of fun. Paul is a drag queen,Viv Savage,he is very ,very funny at that,and quite new to presenting shows but I think he's ok. Kim seemed nice and happy which is good.

2004-11-20 21:38
Pat from Paname [ e-mail] wrote
 Don't know if it's me on this slow slow evening but I had a bit of trouble following where they were going sometimes and I suspect Kim did too. But it sure was nice to bring it up so quickly (though I suggest you advertise it more). Bip-Bip-Bip Hourra for 'Master Pierre!

2004-11-20 20:39
jerzy [ e-mail] wrote
 Pierre, thank you for showing this so quickly. Kim looks and sounds happy and that's what really counts. Isn't she just fab?

2004-11-20 20:00
JR [ e-mail] wrote
 Oh WTV what we will do without You :)...She looks Lovely of course, with full of Life. " So what re you doing with your hands" Great line LOL Its Dark its misterious its just YOU Queen of the Night:)

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