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Mystraculpa Go4It Remix
(Germany, 2004)

Played: 5734 times

2005-02-08 17:32

2004-12-07 17:38
Dgé [ e-mail] wrote
 yoku dekimashita

2004-11-19 12:46
Pifou [ e-mail] wrote
 je vois bien cette chanson dans le commerce ! (même si ce n'est pas trop ma tasse de "tea"!). Je ne connais pas l'original par contre. hm ouh l'autre hé il ne connait pas cette chanson ! aille eupaulaudjaillze

2004-07-21 13:20
mystraculpa [ e-mail] [ website] wrote
 Hi dear!! Sorry, I didn't recieved an Email from you. I think the Mailadress wasright - very strange. Would u please TRY AGAIN (another beautiful Kimmy song, by the way...)??? THANX!!

2004-07-04 14:29
Dgé wrote
 Ma sieste se prolonge... I sent you a mail, but it didn't work. Stephane, is your email adress right?

2004-05-17 17:54
Alisue Xtasy [ e-mail] wrote
 See how the Wilde sounds fit in the 'Boys shop... You gave the best example Mr DJ! I m listening to it over and over now, makes me wanna dance for a second time after last Saturday night! Wow, e viva Extra Culpa!

2004-05-17 17:27
Alisue Xtasy [ e-mail] wrote
 Hey Mr Extra Culpa DJ! Ask yourself this question: do you want to be rich? You gave the song a total new perfume, you knew how to catch the new electro sound like a real fabulous '04 electro DJ... Your deep and metalliK and deep voice adds a lot of power to the sultry electro sounds you chose to make people move the right way! You re a boy from today Stefan, I can hear you know which way our planet is going and what makes the world go 'round! Your universe on that song is somewhere between Dead Or Alive and Kubrick s "ClockWork Orange" in a modern style, you turn in a fabulous dark circus sourrounded by people like Miss KittiN, Vive La Fête and your native band KraftWerk, masters of the style! I m so f*cking impressed Mr StE... don t know if you know a bit of the Zurich scene in Switzerland, very avant-gardiste (where money is, you find opportunities, don t you?), believe me you could become huge in some of the fashionable decadent clubs there! So now what? There s a lot of opportune eighties with those big boys & girls who want to stay young forever you know, and they have money now in clubs, if you need someone with the looks, you can call me anytime ;-))) It s a 100 out of 10 boy, really deeply impressed. Thank you for the effect up and under my skin. Total respeKKKt.

2004-05-17 14:54
JR [ e-mail] wrote
 Very Nice job....

2004-05-17 10:32
Kai wrote
 I really don'l like the Pet Shop Boys in general. But actually this version turns me really on!!!!!

2004-05-17 08:27
Boyed [ e-mail] wrote
 Good job, Stefan. Good for you! You've got a fine taste.

2004-05-15 08:10
Dgé [ e-mail] wrote
 This guy is just excellent. I'm becoming a fan. J'éprouve la même excitation en l'écoutant, que lorsque j'allais acheter mes 45 tours imports de ces groupes anglais du début 80. Il a capté l'esprit des 80's, il nous l'offre et en même temps j'ai l'impression de nouveauté, de découverte, de plaisir infini, les vibrations ... it's a sound in my head that i feel.... Renversant.

2004-05-15 04:36
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Stephan....I've listened to this four times this morning, and I intend to listen to it again a few more times before I go out ! This is a FANTASTIC cover - yoku dekimashita (that means good job/you did well) I don't think I sing this song as well as you, but I'm gonna try to sing it next Friday at a Karaoke party for Dr.Nakamatsu san (Mutual Fund Manager/PHd Computer Science) I can't wait! Stephan...I've noticed you've remixed it with a little Second Time - very nice!

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