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Kim Wilde - It's Here

(Germany, 1990)


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Played: 4638 times
Average rating: 6.92/10

2013-07-11 18:13
Kimyong [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I love you divine lovely legs.

2006-12-14 19:50
rcc02 [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Great Kim!

2004-06-18 20:28
Dgé [ e-mail] rated 5/10
 What does it mean??? Legalas in front of Lisa, Karina and the so fresh and sexy Rashid, and our hottie James???? I can't believe it even if i vote for Legalas too...) Rashid you have to make something to get again your position. Maybe another pout. Please...) Hello Domingo. Tes problèmes d'ordi sont résolus? Tu te fais trop rare ici même:)

2004-06-16 19:12
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] rated 1/10
 Alisue, Sylvie Vartan did a french cover of "Putty in your hands (ha ha)" : translated into "Ne le déçois pas"/Don't disappoint him.. Actually a not very good adaptation, but it's just my opinion.. The original band who created PIYH was The Yardbirds, Eric Clapton's first band. I actually love Kim's version. I heard it for the first time during the Rage To Rock Tour in Montpellier, where I saw Kim live for the very first time. I think Rage To Love/Putty In Your Hands is one of her best singles ever : the B side was as good as the A side.

2004-06-16 18:59
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] rated 1/10
 Bravo Karl ! You guessed it.. It was "Million Miles Away"... chapeau man !

2004-06-13 10:16
Marc [ e-mail] rated 3/10
 Hey Lisa, welcome to the competition ! I just voted for you, though I have to tell you I'm not crazy about women wearing lipstick : you can't kiss'em properly ! And remember, Kim during her RAK years (the best ones) never wore any. That's something to think about... lol

2004-05-24 02:23
Massimo rated 7/10
 oh sounds like Charlotte girl from group Ash is gooing to release a song call KIM WILDE? Yes Kim does have that thing about her you can write and sing songs about her, she is addictive and you get obsessed on her easy, wasn't French pop star released song with video about Kim Wilde in 80's its kind of fascinating to watch or to hear the song, such a popular group in EU going to be singing song about our Hot Gardner-rock star Kim Wilde

2004-05-07 11:15
Boyed [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Superb and elegant!!!

2004-04-24 20:04
Massimo rated 8/10
 Rashid You re one lucky guy, standing next to her Majestic Miss Wilde, im looking forward for New Kim album, with fresh start, i think Kim is gona give us something very special this time around. Karina its ok im patiancte, hope you will find good apt, its not easy when you have beautiful eyes like you :) to find a space to fill but im sure you will. Last night i was listening to Kim's Love Is album, brought back memorys but don't want to go back, i like looking at the future and i don't know whats it gona bring, hopefully GREAT and BETTER thinngs

2004-04-13 17:10
diego rated 10/10
 one of my favourite songs, nice performance, great look!

2004-04-12 01:22
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 Again, a very good live performance full of pure exuberance. She is a rarified gem in a sea of female pop clones (yes, I'm an aspiring music and film critic, but amateur all the same!) Speaking as a heterosexual female, her legs are killer!

2004-04-07 23:35
Rashid [ e-mail] rated 6/10
 I like this song a lot. It has a nice pretty feel to it. She seems very different in this "Love Moves" period, not her usual pouty self (which I do love)! I think I actually prefer the pouty Kim. The dubbing looks wrong and it's a shame that she is miming.

2004-04-05 11:23
dirk rated 10/10
 Great performance

2004-04-02 11:36
jerzy [ e-mail] rated 5/10
 In spite of I've wriiten earlier, I must add that for me IT'S HERE is a quintessential spring song. I enjoy listening to it when spring wakes everything and everyone up to new life. Must have something to do with the song's fresh sound, its Spanish guitar in the middle and an overall uplifting tone. A great song to cheer you up. That's why I'm adding half a point to my previous rating

2004-04-02 01:43
Lisa [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 This is a very feminine departure from her 80's rock/chick attitude days. I like it a lot, and prefer her softer colour blonde hair. (Pierre darling, I know you'll always be a slave to the Select hair style!) So catchy, I've been singing this song for two days now!

2004-04-01 20:25
katrien rated 10/10
 Love this. This song was one of my fav. from love moves. She looks so lovely and beautiful here. Really showing her female side. Love her hair and expression.This was the beginning of a new era for Kim, exploring colour in her looks. She took it even further on the next album love is too. I loved the video clip from this song. I thought it was so new and gorgeous, sepia tone, with a beautiful setting. I always wondered where they shot the clip?

2004-04-01 18:21
Petu [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 Not her best, but it´s still a Kim performance, the audience seems to be very enthusiastic, always clapping their hands!!!

2004-04-01 11:45
Lisa [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 Ayla, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Kim's having a little problem lip-synching to this number. Doesn't matter anyway, because we all know she can sing, and she looks stunning as always!

2004-03-31 23:58
Calanor [ e-mail] rated 5/10
 I'm not that excited about this IMO quite weak song. The performance is OK, I guess, though hardly something I'll remember for years to come.. She's done considerably stronger ones during her career. To add further to the quite so-so impression, the audio (as Ayla_fr pointed out) is completely out of synch.

2004-03-31 22:18
Wildestorm rated 5/10
 Oh the song though and she has nice hair.

2004-03-31 13:15
Ayla_fr [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 Is it only me, or is there an huge gap between the audio and video part ? I've always disliked it when you had a singer moving lips and that it does not fit with what you hear (same with movies dubbed). Which is why I remove 3 points. Else, image, sound is good, Kim's image there is not my fave but well, she's changed many times in years and I have too and I don't like all my pictures so ;-) I don't remember if I liked that song much back then but I like it now, the message is good, but maybe musically, it had no special interest at that time ....

2004-03-30 19:29
JR [ e-mail] rated 7/10
 Yes this perf i think little too sweet for Kim, actually its not Kim LOL..Love Moves "she was little overweight and depressed in 1990"Tx god Love is 92 Follow up with New image and new music. Masimo i think Pierre is right its "Can't get enough" perf you re talking about..Pierre but its a hot perf , you don't like it?She is a sex bomb there LOL

2004-03-30 18:22
Marc From Pigalle [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 A nice performance for a so-so song. Me too, I found the song rather bland and a bit boring. To my opinion, it's more a B-side song, and definitely not a song to launch an album. But the lyrics are quite good, though a bit mysterious. The lyrics on the "Love Moves" were very good if you think of it, especially "Love send him back to me", "In Hollywood" or "Someday". But the music...

2004-03-30 16:59
jerzy [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 Never seen this performance. Quite cute. However, I remember being rather disappointed listening to the song back in 1990. It seemed rather bland, not strong enough to promote the album. But in time I realized it was quite a special song for Kim. It was not about LOVE for a start and I find its message rather philosophical and profound - Some precious thing are right there in front of us even though we do not notice them at the beginning. So I didn't like it back in 1990 but now I've come to appreciate it more. Perhaps it's the same with other fans. Nice one, Pierre!

2004-03-30 16:22
Masimo [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 Nice perf..Kim looking very eartyy beautiful in the garden with children, i remember when few years ago Kim said "I much rather be in the Garden then any big Hollywood Movie premiere or Fashion show" :) Im coming to understanding that Garden or designing them is her theraphy..Im glad you liked it Karina,because women like you need to be Loved .Every time i hear Loved i feel something special.

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