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Kim Wilde - Someday

Live La Cigale
(France, 2007)

Played: 15674 times
Average rating: 9.4/10

2010-08-03 16:15
kam [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 A wonderful tune from a fantasic singer.

2008-07-02 22:36
psychopath [ e-mail] [ website] rated 8/10
 JR, we need words again. This crap about hr'attitude is all in ur head-its a perona 4 a pop star, ninconpoop! Doh. Many of'em av it-hell they ALL av it 2day&they shudn't bother as they're all crap. Elton John's always been bad in this respect. Anyway, luvly 2 c she resuurectd the song-even if it got 2 much 4her. Now cud she please raid her 82&83 album 4 Dream Sequence, Salome, Janine, Action City& so on!

2007-07-31 06:49
Backstreet Joe [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I was touched by Kim's magic !

2007-07-23 19:42
Sonia [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 just a great song ! the best lyric, one of my fav songs , a great moment in the show, just happy to see kim in this situation (lol) it's too lovely a great memory and i 'm happy to hear in live "someday" this song had its place in live show ,a real gift! thanks aleska for the report

2007-07-09 12:39
Lieke [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I've got one wordr for this: Beautiful!

2007-06-27 20:58
Alexandre [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 God, that is a Wilde souvenir. I remember perfectly how I burst in tears, a perfect mixture of joy and sadness, well that s what I call Beauty. I knew that just behind me there was just another guy, feeling exactly the same as me. Watching the shapes of the past going by, enjoying the present to the max. It was amazing. On that song, his shoulder was the best place to be on. "... une nuit sur ton épaule..." It was 100 % Gold: Lisa, Gérard, Karl, my 3 little "belges"... of course Pierre and Kim crying her heart out, for love again. "Someday" has always been 1 of my favourite. It s like an early fresh air, laying in the grass, enjoying the sweetness of water on my skin. I reminds me of my father. On how he hurt me, on how he made a self-made-man of his son. Just like a child... Love to the peacefull spirits of this site! Alexandre

2007-06-25 23:24
JR [ e-mail] rated 8/10
 Simple, emotional and beautiful song, i remember not liking so much "Someday" back in the 90's now i understand because i didn't understand the words and meaning ( the deep) meaning her lyrics are always so full of life, sadness, emotions and Love. Steve about her attitude, i remember in 80's when i saw her "You Keep Me H O " & "Love Blonde" Videoclips i thought -she is Hot and all but something about her attitude was so Arrogant, stock up, yet striking, I thought "My god she probably so full of herself, and she knows she is HOT" what an Actress she was. Meeting her 2005 i discover all another Person so Not what i thought she would be -in a very pozitive way.

2007-06-24 23:31
Pat [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 Many thanks Pierre to add this video, she's so charming with this song, a real performance, I remember this concert like one of the best of her career, kim come back again at Paris please......... with Steeve

2007-06-24 10:45
Caro [ e-mail] rated 10/10
 I adore this song,soft music,wonderful text and I particularly melt for Kim in this performance,I like when people show(even if it's unvoluntarily sometimes) their humanity. For those who couldn't be there,these images reveal the atmosphere of the gig in Paris,between joy and emotion.We talked about this moment after the gig where we didn't know if it was tears or laugh,now that I can see it again,I realise Kim was really moved,we can hear it in her voice.

2007-06-24 05:48
Karina [ e-mail] rated 8/10

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