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Kim Wilde - Heaven
United Kingdom, 1995
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Astoria London
Kim Wilde - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
United Kingdom, 2007
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Kim Wilde - Together We Belong
Belgium, 2007
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Stars Of Europe
Kim Wilde - Love Is Holy
United Kingdom, 1992
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Kim Wilde - I Got You Babe
Belgium, 2007
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Stars Of Europe
Kim Wilde - Someday
France, 2007
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Live La Cigale
Kim Wilde - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
United kingdom, 2007
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Britain Sings Christmas
Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark
France, 1984
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Passeport Pour La Forme
Kim Wilde - Baby Obey Me
Germany, 2007
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Ballermann Hits '07

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23/12/07 : Guess what?

Guess what?

Santa Claus is coming to town, and this year he's brought Kim Wilde with a look a la '87 Say You Really Want Me!
Thanks James for the video

04/11/07 : Clever Girl

Clever Girl

Thomas from DerWesten has sent this nice interview. Thanks a lot!

21/10/07 : More of Parkpop

More of Parkpop

Lionel has sent this footage that was broadcast yesterday night on the Dutch channel NED3.

Many thanks Lionel!

06/09/07 : Kim Wilde TV's exclusive summer clip is here!

Kim Wilde TV's exclusive summer clip is here!

In 1984, the French channel TF1 recorded a series of summer shows called Passeport Pour La Forme. Filmed in beautiful areas, it was an occasion for well-known singers and sportsmen to have a great stay together during quite a healthy trip.
One of these shows included Kim Wilde promoting her single Dancing In The Dark; I've found it among my treasured self-recorded videos of the 80's, in a mint condition. While watching this clip, you'll certainly enjoy the visual effects "a la Ashes To Ashes" and note that one of the photos taken during the show was used as the sleeve of a French vinyl compilation.

28/06/07 : Kim Wilde looks back to the Stars In Their Eyes TV shows

Kim Wilde looks back to the Stars In Their Eyes TV shows

With many thanks to Ermine for always providing the best quality videos

25/06/07 : Kim Wilde in Parkpop

Kim Wilde in Parkpop

Lionel has sent this nice little interview shot last weekend in Parkpop, The Hague (Netherlands). Enjoy!

23/06/07 : Bursting out in laughter or in tears?

Bursting out in laughter or in tears?

Watch this exclusive live version of Someday, thanks to Sonia

05/06/07 : Kim Wilde in Tele 7 Jours
There have been a few French press articles related to Kim's short appearance in the Arte programme Tracks. Here you'll find one of them.

01/06/07 : Back on the track(s)

Back on the track(s)

Watch this interview recorded last February in La Cigale for the French/German channel Arte and broadcast yesterday night in the programme Tracks

08/05/07 : Exclusive German TV programme by Stefan!

Exclusive German TV programme by Stefan!

My friend Stefan has sent me this fantastic TV programme filmed a couple of weeks ago, in which he presents some of Kim's videoclips and also has an opportunity to interview her, for your pleasure.

Huge thanks Stefan!

24/04/07 : A spiritual high

A spiritual high

Watch this performance for Love Is Holy, which was shown on the British TV programme Wogan fifteen years ago.

04/04/07 : Twenty years after, Kim and Marty Wilde sing Elton John's hit again

Twenty years after, Kim and Marty Wilde sing Elton John's hit again

Watch Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word from ITV's morning programme GMTV

27/03/07 : Kim, do you like Heavy Metal?

Kim, do you like Heavy Metal?

Mrs Wilde answers on De Rode Loper.

Many thanks to Lionel !

26/03/07 : Slovakian news report about Kim's gig

Slovakian news report about Kim's gig

Click to watch the video broadcast on JOJ channel

Thanks to James

26/03/07 : Kim talks about Europe

Kim talks about Europe

A (very) short snippet taken from the Belgian news on RTL-TVI shows Kim interviewed about Europe.

Thanks to Lionel for providing the video!

19/03/07 : View From A Bridge live in Hamburg

View From A Bridge live in Hamburg

We haven't had much of the German shows here on Kim Wilde TV yet. But now this is fixed!

Many thanks to M.M. for sharing this gem with us

15/03/07 : Kim Wilde live in Monaco

Kim Wilde live in Monaco

The date is now confirmed, Kim Wilde will be one of the artists present at the 2007 edition of the Sporting Summer Festival in Monaco.

This very classy festival takes place every year and gathers some of the biggest international music stars.
This year, Georges Benson, Al Jarreau, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Liza Minelli, Tom Jones, Henri Salvador, Ayo are announced.
Kim and her band will be performing on July 30th.

Online booking will open soon. Check this link

14/03/07 : Kim Wilde in RTL Boulevard
Contains an interview and several video extracts from the gig in Den Atelier, Luxembourg

14/03/07 : Are you bored with dull interviews? Then trust our friend Stefan and let him spice up a German meeting with Kim!
This seventeen-minute interview was filmed in Hamburg for the Neue Helden TV channel. Huge thanks to Stefan

12/03/07 : Listen to the interview recorded for RTL before the gig in den Atelier, Luxembourg
It also includes a report about the gig and Love Blonde is played

09/03/07 : Don't they both look great?
Stefan (see the people->all about you section of this site) had a chance to meet Kim in Hamburg. Have a look at one of the photos resulting of the meeting.

08/03/07 : Steve Byrd's Gods'n Demons updated
Brand new mix -now features Gary Ashley. I tell you this one is a potential hit!

01/03/07 : Kim and father Marty Wilde interviewed on BBC's morning programme
Contains an interview, plus video footage from the studio recording of the duet : Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John's cover)

01/03/07 : Now here's a great interview from the Danish programme Go' Aften Danmark
In this one, not only you'll see Kim filmed before the gig in Vega, Copenhagen, but also one of our faithful visitors here on Kim Wilde TV briefly interviewed : Wildestorm!

26/02/07 : And finally, here's the third interview shot in Brussels last week
This one includes filmed parts from the gig in Ancienne Belgique as well as excerpts from Kim's videoclips

24/02/07 : Will you still enjoy the silence?
after listening to this cover of Depeche Mode which was performed live by Kim in Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, on the second gig of the 2007 tour. Thanks to Lionel - I love being spammed after all ;)

23/02/07 : Kim Wilde in Le Parisien
This is a scan of the article published in Le Parisien the day following the concert in La Cigale.

21/02/07 : Okay, now you choose where you go from here!
..but I would suggest that you stay a while, because as we promised before, the best is yet to come.. here's the first video, a favourite of mine on the new album that I filmed live in La Cigale last Tuesday. To be continued..

16/02/07 : Wanna taste a bit of wild rock in advance?
then you'll certainly appreciate this live version of the song written by Johnny Greenan, Johnny O'Keefe, and Dave Owens in 1958 which became famous after Iggy Pop covered it in 1986 : Real Wild Child.

14/02/07 : And they would make a rendez-vous (2nd edition)
On February 20th, Kim Wilde fans meet up in La Fourmi, Paris, right before the gig in La Cigale

13/02/07 : Listen to this new track by Steve Byrd : Gods'n Demons
The intro will certainly remind you of a well-know Kim Wilde song dated 1983!

01/02/07 : Let the Rum Punch chase away the winter!
This is an audio postcard composed by Steve Byrd from Barbados exclusively for Kim Wilde TV!

29/01/07 : Watch pictures of Kim's latest showcase in Chatel
In January, the Belgian radio Q-Music had launched a contest which allowed their audience to win tickets for a private showcase which took place on January 28th in the ski resort of Chatel (French Alps). You can see the photos of the event on Q-Music's blog.
Thanks to Lionel!

24/01/07 : Kim Wilde in a Sandwich!
Let's have a look at this Dutch interview which dates back to a few months ago, and gather a few additional confidences from Kim. Thanks to my friends from Belgium

23/01/07 : Alexandre Lanz puts Kim Wilde on the cover of a magazine!
Today, the Swiss magazine Le Matin Bleu dedicates its cover to Kim Wilde and features an article written by.. our beloved Alexandre, well-known on here as he's been entertaining the Kim Wilde community for ages! Well done mate!

15/01/07 : Listen to the first remix of I Fly
Congratulations to Marc for this great one!

13/01/07 : Another treat here on Kim Wilde TV : Steve Byrd offers us his first track!
Listen to Living, the first track Steve wrote and recorded in 1975, with the late great Tommy Eyre arranging it for him. Enjoy!

12/01/07 : Some like it hot, the Danish like it perfect and symphonic. No doubt you're gonna like it, too..
This is one of the most wonderful contributions to this site ever. Thanks to a perfect Danish person :)

06/01/07 : Kim Wilde sings Kids In America backed by a symphonic orchestra
Watch this clip freshly captured from the French programme Symphonic Show dedicated to the greatest hits of the 80's. The show was recorded in last September and features the Night Of The Proms orchestra

03/01/07 : Steve Byrd's media center updated with a new song
Today Steve provides us with another great, exclusive track : Deadly Dunes. Thank you Steve!

29/12/06 : All of Kim Wilde's video clips re-encoded in high definition!
As you may have noticed, most of the media in the videoclips section had been encoded years ago, at a time when the internet couldn't bear with high bitrates. Some of the clips looked so blurry that they almost gave you the feeling that you were watching them on youTube.. and you for sure deserve more than that! So now, times have changed, have a look at the new Videoclips section and enjoy Kim Wilde's entire videos collection!

27/12/06 : Watch The Light Of The Moon at Sopot Festival 1992
This song, written by Kim Wilde and Steve Byrd, features Kim's sister Roxanne doing backing vocals for the first time. You can hear her on Kim's latest album Never Say Never. Thanks to Calanor for the video

22/12/06 : A Christmas gift from Mister Steve Byrd
Steve pays tribute to Eastern Europe by publishing this fantastic mix of tracks on Kim Wilde TV, which he composed lately using original instruments such as Bouzouki, Balalaika, Oud.. a real treat for us! Thank you Steve and Merry Christmas!

20/12/06 : Boris Breuer is a guest on Kim Wilde TV!
Kim Wilde TV is proud to introduce a gallery of photos and an exclusive interview of the photographer Boris Breuer, who recently shot a wonderful series of pictures for Kim Wilde

11/12/06 : Download the video podcast of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
It has been made available on the Hit Radio FFH website (mp4 format, reads perfectly using VLC mediaplayer).

06/12/06 : Those boots are made for rocking Germany!
Many thanks to Franck for providing a high quality version of the video

01/01/06 : H*A*P*P*Y N*E*W Y*E*A*R !

H*A*P*P*Y N*E*W Y*E*A*R !

2005 is reaching its end and it's time for us to celebrate a brand new year
I'm writing down those few lines while I can still make a difference between a computer keyboard and a bubble of champagne -that is, a few minutes before the party starts.
Today is also the fourth anniversary of this web site. In late 2001, when I started making a draft of kimwildetv, I had no idea what a fantastic experience it would turn to. I thought a handful of people would be interested in watching those nostalgia videos (so was the initial concept), but I was interested in what those people had to say, and that's how kimwildetv became the first interactive multimedia web site dedicated to Kim Wilde.
These days, using peer-to-peer networks to get Kim's videos, and free interactive web tools (such as blog-based sites) to make them available, nearly everyone would be able to build up such a site. However, with more than 10000 visitors per month, the number of visitors of kimwildetv has never stopped growing (see the detailed statistics for 2005). So how do I explain that?
My guess is, far from the technical aspects of the site, kimwildetv has become a place where human beings meet human beings. Right, we've got something in common, we all happen to be (or used to be -or will be) Kim Wilde's fans. But since I have met a couple of you, I can tell that you're all more than Kim Wilde's fans, and that's certainly what makes this site different.
Please accept my best wishes for 2006. And keep in mind: Love Is.. ALL!

23/12/05 : Kim Wilde reveals her plans for 2006

Kim Wilde reveals her plans for 2006

In a recent christmas greetings message, Kim declared :"I have signed with EMI and I'm really looking forward to working on some great new material early in the New Year", thus providing an answer to the long-time rumored eventuality of a new album.
Fans will consider this statement as the best christmas present they've had in years!

14/12/05 : Kim has written a one page introduction to French book "Destins Et Mots Croisés"

Kim has written a one page introduction to French book

The book, released last October, was written by Alain Wodrascka; it deals with the long-time, successful collaboration between the two French musicians Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy.
In the mid 80's, the two artists created a song entitled Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde, a real tribute to Kim; a bit later, she accepted to be a guest star for the shooting of the music video.
In Destins Et Mots Croisés (Les Géants De La Chanson, ed. Didier Carpentier), she writes about this encounter and experience, more generally about her taste for French music.

03/12/05 : Kim Wilde gets a Birthday Bash in America!

Kim Wilde gets a Birthday Bash in America!

Rowan Radio, a U.S. radio station based in Glassboro, NJ, today celebrated Kim's recent 45th birthday by offering their audience a set of Kim's tracks including Kim and Nena's hit Anyplace Anywhere Anytime. Click to listen to an audio sample of the show.
Many thanks Mister Pepper; looks like it's a spicy show indeed !

01/12/05 : Kim's wild about school's tunnel
Kim Wilde visited a school's playing field to pick up some tips for her own garden. Read the article on

29/11/05 : Are the 80's back for good?

Are the 80's back for good?

..or for the worse? ;) Anyway, takea look at the article, and then maybe some of you will figure that it's time for a well-known blonde singer turned gardener to get back on the track, too!

18/11/05 : Here at Kim Wilde TV, we wish Kim Wilde a..

Here at Kim Wilde TV, we wish Kim Wilde a..

03/11/05 : Kim Wilde helps kids in Ealing

Kim Wilde helps kids in Ealing

Kim helped transform Pitshanger Community Play Centre in Ealing during Britain's largest volunteering day. Read the article on

28/10/05 : Britain set for day of action!
On October 29, people across the U.K. will spend a day volunteering for a local community group or charity as part of "Make a Difference Day". Kim Wilde will be helping to clean up a community play centre in Ealing, west London.

23/10/05 : Exclusive '87 US live audio tracks downloadable from the "Ego" forum
The performance has been posted by a member of this forum. It consists of two tracks (Say You Really Want Me & You Keep Me Hangin'On), sung live over backing tracks, slightly different from the originals.

20/10/05 : Two Kim Wilde websites in the DMA '05 People's Top 200 preferred web sites! gets a well-deserved 115th position, and here at Kim Wilde TV, we still improve last year's score, being 148th of the list in the People Choice award.
Thanks for all your votes and support!

18/10/05 : Kids in America, the movie, to be released shortly in the U.S.

Kids in America, the movie, to be released shortly in the U.S.

Starring Gregory Smith and Nicole Richie, the film features what might be the longest-ever onscreen smooch.
Read the article and watch a trailer of the movie on
Note that, even though the movie might have been named after Kim Wilde's legendary hit, it is not related to the British artist.

12/10/05 : And when you look into his eyes..

And when you look into his eyes..

See what Kim Wilde's little "baby" brother has turned to!

17/09/05 : Wilde about daffodils

Wilde about daffodils

Kim Wilde has signed up to support Marie Curie Cancer Care's Great Daffodil Appeal 2006. Read the article on

09/09/05 : Kim Wilde spotted a panther in the back garden of her Codicote home!
Like a tiger who hunted and tracked her down.. Read the article,
Big cats on the loose, on

08/08/05 : Pop star Kim is just Wilde about gardens

Pop star Kim is just Wilde about gardens

Kim Wilde must be one of the keenest visitors Birmingham Botanical Gardens has ever had. Read the article on

20/07/05 : Wilde paintings to Dye for!

Wilde paintings to Dye for!

UK's painter John Dyer spent a week in summer 2003 with Kim Wilde painting her beautiful garden.
Visit for more information and click here to download the full report written by Kim and John (pdf format, originally published in Eden Friends)

12/07/05 : Kim Wilde opens Joshua's Garden

Kim Wilde opens Joshua's Garden

Read the article on

26/05/05 : Chelsea's Wilde About Kim

Chelsea's Wilde About Kim

Read the article on

08/04/05 : Kim Wilde officially opened seven new gardens
Kim officially opened Seven New Gardens in the College's National Gardening Centre on Friday 8th April 2005. Read the article on

07/04/05 : Tommy stars set for Sunday Night At The Palace

Tommy stars set for Sunday Night At The Palace

Three of the rock opera Tommy's original 1996 West End cast, Kim Wilde,
Hal Fowler and Steve Deveraux, are re-uniting on stage for a new show,
Sunday Night At The Manchester Palace. Read the article

15/02/05 : Q&A in February's edition of Record Collector
the February's edition of British mag Record Collector features a 2-page article about Kim.
It lists and evaluates most of Wilde's highly collectable items (like the special remix of Shangri-La which was published in the early 80's by the British fanzine Debut), and is followed by a series of Questions and Answers.
Kim confirms her commitment to gardening projects, as well as the release of her book next Spring, and eventually her will to be writing new songs this year.
Highlights :
"Kim's fans were never treated to a live album - odd given that her band in the 80's included the likes of ex Gillan man Steve Byrd on guitar and put on a blistering show"
"Kim hates having her feet touched in bed"

01/01/05 : Happy New Year everyone !

18/12/04 : The Here And Now Tour 2004 is now over

The Here And Now Tour 2004 is now over

After attending a series of gigs in the UK, fans from all over the world are slowly but surely travelling back home. Time for them to celebrate winter holidays, even though this year many of them were granted with an early Christmas present : Kim Wilde!

01/12/04 : And so you're wondering..

Kim Wilde, Wyevale AdKim Wilde, Wyevale Ad

Kim Wilde, Wyevale AdKim Wilde, Wyevale Ad

Kim Wilde, Wyevale AdKim Wilde, Wyevale Ad

..why is Christmas such a really busy time for Kim Wilde? Who is she holding so close (I mean, the teddy bear..)? And where is Hal, by the way? The answer is here on Kim Wilde TV

27/11/04 : Working 9 to 5

Working 9 to 5

Read the article on

25/11/04 : Kim Wilde: "If I had to choose between singing and gardening it would have to be gardening"
..but also "I will be performing at some music festivals in Europe during the summer", "I haven't had time to write any music in the last few years so I'd like to fit in some time for that this year too." !
Read the whole interview at

14/10/04 : Kim Wilde visits 1,000th school to join organic gardening project

Kim Wilde visits 1,000th school to join organic gardening project

Pupils at the 1,000th school to join the thriving Duchy Originals HDRA Organic Gardens for Schools project were delighted when celebrity gardener Kim Wilde paid a visit despite a downpour!
Read the article on

24/09/04 : Wilde weekend with Kim
During the 1980s, Kim Wilde was a pop icon but she has reinvented herself as a gardening guru. The daughter of Vernon Girls vocalist Joyce Smith and one-time Blackheath singer Marty Wilde, Kim was destined to follow in their footsteps. The 43-year-old is now on shows such as Garden Invaders. Read the article on

01/09/04 : Celebrity Gardener - Kim Wilde
Read the article on

01/08/04 : Like a true nature's child
She was the most successful British female artist of the 80s, notching up a string of hits including `Kids in America', `Chequered Love' and `You Came'. From the Princess of Pop to the Queen of Crops, Gary Ryan goes Ground Force Zero with the legendary Kim Wilde. Read the article on

18/05/04 : Stars dig in at Carr Gate
Crowds braved spring showers to catch a glimpse of an 80s superstar who switched from pop to poppies. Read the article on

03/04/04 : The teacher who inspired Kim Wilde
Until she was eight, Kim Wilde was a true south-east London child - streetwise and tough, but probably not particularly happy. Read the article on

27/03/04 : Pop star Kim Wilde opens garden centre (
Hundreds of people went to see the pop star turned celebrity gardener reopening the Wyevale garden centre in Donnington, Telford. Read the article on

03/01/04 : How the fit and fabulous stay that way
Kim Wilde, 43, mother, pop star and TV gardener, is a convert to detoxing but admits to being a foodie who doesn't say no to a beer and a curry in front of the TV once in a while. Read the article on

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