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Kim Wilde - Ad 04

Holland & Barrett Campaign
(United Kingdom, 2005)

Played: 4329 times

2005-11-03 01:14
Anna-Maria wrote
 Wow, hey thanks guys for turning it to me, I never knew that Kim had so much in her life, all I payed attention to was her music, I'm new here, and hey, I found her like that. But I post opinions here, not anger. After reading the messages that, well I can't remember who actually, well, I shifted around, and saw Kim in a diffrent way. I shouldn't be angry at her, I should accept her decisions, it's really in fact her life, and I cannot change that, Kim could. I admit that the letter I wrote was, well, I still believe in it that way, but less, you see, I should read more about Kim, to understand her, and... well I don't know how to finish this sentence. Ok, moving on, I would like to take back a few of the awful words I said back there, in the letters. Well I learned something today and I learned a very important lesson... I shouldn't critic someone just like that. I know, because that's a mistake, well, for me since I read the Bible. Anyway, I hope you all sort of, forgive me, for being rude, it's not like me, but, that's the way I am kind of, I explain my feelings, my thoughts at the right time and then, I get a congrats or a failiure. I wouldn't call anybody a failiure, but I'm pretty glad that everything got sorted out, that I have a view, from everyone's point of view. Ohhhh, and JR, sorry for what I said in the message the other day, at the time, something tragic happened to me and I just lost it. Ok, bye everyone!

2005-11-02 01:03
Anna-Maria wrote
 Hey hey hey, I never said that I was depressed about it, I just said that Kim seriously changed a lot, I mean a lot, of herself, I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE VIDEOCLIP. --Born to be wild-- And JR, for the past few notes that you wrote your latest indescretions no longer phase me, that "get a life" sentence made me wonder, you actually like the new Kim, well than that's for it, for your opinion. And for those who were politer, I thank you, for understanding. Everyone has a diffrent story, it comes from your base and interests, I feel this way, you don't, but you know what, JR, why don't you kiss my ass, alright? I have a right to express myself, so all you "diggers" just write about somethin' else k? Enjoy your bottoms.

2005-11-01 21:01
Anna-Maria wrote
 Kim Wilde is out of her mind, I mean, and '80s Item, and now a complete "show-off"? I saw "Born to be wild", right, that was in 2002, and what the hell is with her freakin' outfit and hair? She changed everything, dissed her style and background, and changed into a "future" person, who now looks like a slut, acting like a loser and dancing around like that. I prefer her better when she had ENERGY, when it was HER TIME, the eighties, where she was so...... RESPECTED. Now, great, she wants people to shop at this store and warn everybody that there's a sale going on and everything, but.... when I compare this FAT Kim, with low-self esteem face that reads: "I am sexy as Britney Spears"....... now, comparing to the good old Kim, from her 20's and 30's, she was slim, enjoyable to hear, had so much about videoclips, had so much vibe and interest, well, that is GONE. Sure, this is Kim Wilde's choice to become like that, but, honestly, she turned me down real bad... I mean, with all my struggles at home and everywhere, I turned to her for a vision, she had so much influence on me, but now, less, and I hate her now, in an angry way, and pretend, that she went retired, and never been heared from again. I only remember Kim as an Item... FROM HER TIME, the '80s and '90s. NOT**** in 2000, and etc. Kim, if you ever read this, I am fully depressed, now everything is destroyed, what kind of a person acts like that? KIM... Kim acts like that...

2005-10-31 13:26
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Lisa, I know what you mean about fine hair. Unfortunately, mine used to hold perms too well, and that was BAD. Haven't had one in 8 years, but now have some natural wave when it used to be really limp. Thank God, because it's the only reason I have lengthy hair right now. Also, Kim does look less mumsy in white!

2005-10-31 04:44
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 While I'm on a role........ I prefer Kim wearing a white top to a pastle colour top. Pastles make her look too mumsy and older than what she has to. In the past she's looked sensational in white ie Cambodia, Cheq Love, If I Can't Have You _ Wish I could get away with wearing white, but I can't because I have suck a sickly pale complexion I end up looking like a corpse!

2005-10-31 03:31
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Schoolgirl, I prefer Kim with some wave in her hair too, but have empathy for her about having fine hair! She said in a interview once that she wished she had thicker hair, and I know exactly how she feels. Walk about of my house to meet friends and suddenly my hair goes flop! It's been a life long nighmare! Even perms fall out :(

2005-10-30 21:23
Schoolgirl [ e-mail] wrote
 Hmm, I think the commercial is cute and perky, but I do think Kim looks better with some wave in her hair, and what she was wearing isn't flattering. Did you ever notice how much slimmer and more attractive she looks in dresses than pants lately? She is, however, a good celebrity sales rep for the products she endorses because she looks more like one of us now and it's comforting. However, I would never call the lady "average," although I do agree that she has looked better than this.

2005-10-30 11:55
Lisa [ e-mail] wrote
 Dge, What do you mean make Kim look as average as possible so that most women can identify with her and by the product? I'd swallow half a bottle of Ultra Vita-Min tablets to look half as good as she does in this commercial! Have you notice that she looks slimmer and that her skin looks flawless?

2005-10-29 23:13
Katrien [ e-mail] wrote
 I think this commercial looks quite good. Take a good look at the close up, I love the colouring in it. I think this add looks 'bewitching'. Kim would have made a better follow up Samanta (Bewitched) than Nicole Kidman is. Kim has the radiance, the wit and the looks. I like pretty woman that are looking like woman like Elisabeth Montgommery (Samantha in Bewitched) or Kim here. I don't like 'childish' or 'girly' figures like Nicole etc... they look very unnatural to me. Kim's a natural and this add comes across very natural as well. Good one.

2005-10-29 13:37
Calanor [ e-mail] wrote
 Well, I wouldn't call this lady "average" at all, though I get your point James. Personally, I just hope she'll consider stop doing ads such as these soon - I am not sure it's such a good idea doing them for too long. And besides, the ads themselves are incredibly cheezy! :o

2005-10-29 02:30
JR [ e-mail] wrote
 only in Holland and Barrett :) i don't get it most Celebs looks Much better in Commercials then in real life, Kim looks worst? what did they do to her? LOL...they made her look like as Average as they could? it doesn't even look like her. and I outha know i saw her in real life few months ago.

2005-10-28 22:15
Gareth321 [ e-mail] wrote
 Yes Kim I've got my suppliments from H and B and Kim looks so fit on this new ad.I can't wait to collect my posters from the shop on the 11th November when the sale ends.I'm takening you home babe!!!!!

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